OS/2 CUBE Family

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A collection of REXX scripts to configure SWC and eCS config.sys, batches, text profiles, selected WPS objects and INI applications. These will configure your system without any attention. They are good for the individual but here indispensable for configuring a network of clients. They are meant for people who have some familiarity with OS/2 configuration.

There are now two different drive mappings. First, C:\ is mapped to actual boot drive. Second, D:\ is mapped to the drive running cube, hereon referred to data drive.

I modified CUBE to handle multiple boot drives with one source. I liked it so much I wrote scripts to handle selected WPS objects and INI application in boot drive independent manner. Next, I was concerned about configuring my LAN which is a real pain. I got scripts for that too.

I have added some new features to CUBE. At the risk of controversy I redefined some infrequent used features of CUBE that were limiting the robustness and expandability of the language. This resulted in a rewrite of the documentation. Now one can expand the language and remain 100% compatible existing procedure files. Some of the other tools have been also updated.

CUBE now requires Object REXX rather than Classic REXX. Unfortunately, in a fresh install Classic REXX is the default. To switch between the two REXX, type switchrx at command prompt, enter "y" return and then reboot. For unattended installs, run switchrx with input redirected from a text file during last phase of the install. A practical work around is in the works. I tried Object REXX both SWC and eCS to find eCS 1.0 needed Classic REXX to run WiseMachine but eCS 1.1, SWC 1 & 2 work no problem.

Kedler's WPTOOLS.DLL is required for GETWPS.

Family Members
CUBE 4b3 Dec 2008 program to update config.sys, batches, and text profiles
Dec 2008
Dec 2008
get and put selected INI applications
Sept 2003
Sept 2003
get and put selected object CLASSes
Dec 2008
Dec 2008
get and put selected WPS objects
VBACK 1.0 Jun 2002 routine to promote consistent but intelligent back up of small files
VBCOPY 1.1 July 2003 like XCOPY /S but more intelligent
Network Sample Nov 2003 sample master script to update network
System Sample Nov 2003 sample master script to update system

Download the latest beta with build Dec 3, 2008