Carleton Board school profiles provide a consistent descriptive “snapshot” of what schools in our system are like.

There are many aspects that make a school what it is, and those aspects give each school its unique context. School context is important in understanding test results and planning for improvement.

Our School

Gloucester High School, home of the Gators, is the original secondary school in the city of Gloucester. Our 1600 students are involved in impressive computer-based learning programs. Industry Canada has designated our school as a centre of excellence for the application of information technology to teaching and learning.

Our size is our strength! In addition to a complete "core studies" program we provide specialty courses in fine arts, business education, computer science, technical studies, and music. We are a centre for gifted students and we are a member school in the International Advanced Placement program. Our multicultural population adds to the richness of the school culture.

Gloucester High School 's mission is to provide each student with a learning program of the highest quality that is developed and delivered by an effective and caring staff.

Our school provides semestered courses from grade 9 to OAC studies.


Expectations for Students

1. Treat others at all times in the manner that you expect others to treat you. Conduct yourself with the highest degree of self respect.

2. Put forth your best efforts to do the challenging job of the student with self-discipline, perseverance, and teamwork.

3. Encourage and support other students and staff in our continuous efforts to improve the standards and spirit of the school.

4. Show pride in being a Gator by being considerate of others and productive in the school, at home, and in the community.

5. Be an achiever! Attend all classes, do regular home study, and complete all assignments.


• Atmosphere for Learning: We focus on Gator Mind (academic achievement), Gator Heart (caring school), and Gator Spirit (dynamic school environment). Our school community recognizes and supports this dedication to developing the mind, heart and spirit of all Gators.

• Achievement: We have a portfolio system for tracking student accomplishments in academics, athletics, citizenship, and leadership. Our strong focus on "students as producers" has resulted in a general school report card average of 72%.

• Technology: We use our new local area network and student-designed and student-maintained electronic bulletin board for advanced communications among students and staff. We are proud of our new satellite-Internet connection and our increasing capacity to communicate with people and information sources around the globe.

• Nurturing of student leadership is important at Gloucester High School. Yearly participation in student leadership training programs and student- managed organizations and events provide opportunity to develop leadership skills.

• An independent studies senior history course provides a flexible timetable suitable for individual learning.

• Partnerships: We have dynamic partnerships with Telesat Canada, Carleton University, National Research Council, Computers For Schools, and Industry Canada. We have been selected for a 1997 Nortel Award in recognition of our creative projects to link with other schools.



Gloucester H.S.



• We offer a complete academic program leading to a full range of opportunities for post-secondary education.

• Gifted students are congregated for classes in the core subjects of mathematics, science, English, and history. Students are integrated for the balance of their learning program.

• We offer the International Advanced Placement program. Students sit for external examinations in competition with the best students in North America.

• Students enrolled in French Immersion are able to complete the requirements for the Immersion and Bilingual certificate. Japanese and Italian are also taught by the Language department.

• Our ESL program offers courses at three levels in addition to sheltered courses.

• We offer an elite athlete program.

• Our extensive Co-operative Education program provides students with an opportunity for career and work experience in a variety of community institutions and businesses.


• Students participate in a wide range of interscholastic sports as well as in a complete intramural sports program. Major sports include football, rugby, basketball, soccer, track and field, and cross-country skiing. We had four championship teams last year, including two teams that participated at the provincial level.

• In addition to more than 15 clubs such as School Reach, chess, personal fitness, and drama, there are unique clubs such as International Cultures United, Environmental Peace Keepers, and Gators in the Community. We encourage students to get involved in school life.

• Specialty opportunities include yearbook and band.

• Peer Helpers and Peer Mediators assist in social development.

• Regularly scheduled dances and other activities sponsored by student council provide further social outlets for students.

• Multicultural activities assist in developing understanding of, and value in, the diversity of the Canadian population.

Our Students

September 1996 enrollment is 1653.

203 students are new to Gloucester in grades 10 through O.A.C. Thirteen of these students are from out of province and an additional 24 are from out of the country.

There are 200 students enrolled in the Gifted program, 150 students in the English Second Language program and as we move beyond the initial pilot group of International Advanced Placement students, we anticipate a significant population for this program.

First languages include: English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Somali, and Italian.

Students come to Gloucester from community schools and from other areas for special programs. Feeder schools include: Emily Carr M. S., Henry Munro M. S., Henry Larsen E. S., Terry Fox E. S., Trillium E. S., and Metcalfe P.S.

After graduation most students attend university or college in central Canada. Our graduates also attend universities and colleges throughout Canada and the United States – many on scholarship.

Thirty percent of our graduates were Ontario Scholars in 1997. Since Gloucester H.S. is a centre for gifted students we consistently have a high percentage of Ontario Scholars.

Our Staff

Our staff is professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and dedicated to the students. We enjoy our work and the positive Gator school spirit. We appreciate the strong support of the parents and the high level of energy which our students bring to "Gator Power" - academic, athletic, and social achievement.

Our Community

Gloucester H.S.'s students come from progressive and safe residential communities in the city of Gloucester. The population is diverse, with a bilingual (English/French) atmosphere. The school is located centrally in the city of Gloucester and adjacent to excellent community facilities including a library, pool, and arena.

Our students are very involved in the school community through music concerts, art shows, co-operative education placements, charitable fund-raising, part-time employment, and community athletics. We place a high value on student involvement in community life.



Gloucester H.S.

Results of Provincial /Board-wide Assessments

The Board-wide evaluation projects began in 1988 and have attained international recognition.

These projects aim to create consistent evaluation of student performance by providing a common examination; a detailed marking scheme for the examination; exemplar booklets to show students and teachers the criteria for, and examples of, successful performance; workshops for teachers; and reports of school and Board results.

Board-wide examinations are regularly conducted as part of the English and Mathematics projects.


(Please note: in any school in which the number of students participating was less than 50, results may not be reliable for the school.)

Quintiles divide the marks of all CBE students who took an examination into five equal groups. This means that one-fifth (20%) of all CBE students who took an examination scored in each quintile. For semestered schools, results are reported for January and June exams.


The charts show the percentage of our students whose marks are in each of the five quintiles. The closer to 20% of students a school has in each quintile, the closer the

school's results are to the results for all students in the Board.


Heads of English and/or Math would be pleased to discuss examination preparation, procedures, and marking with those who are interested. Please contact the school for further information.

Other Measures of Student Achievement

Measures of recent student success include:

• Second place at the Canada Championship of the 1997 School Reach team competition.

• Consistent high level finish in National competitions in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

• 1997 Gold Medal standing at level 500 in the Canadian MusicFest., the first ever for a Carleton Board School. Junior, senior and stage band, and vocal ensemble all earned gold medal standing at the regional championships.

• Award of three of the top ten positions at the regional French Second Language competition at University of Ottawa.

• Five senior History students achieving top awards in the Commonwealth Conference.

• The first group of nine students to write International Advanced Placement exams averaged four on a five point scale (five being highest) and six of the nine qualified for advanced placement at University. Two of these students are completing studies at Gloucester H.S. and two have received scholarships (McGill and Carleton Universities).

All of our grade 9 students are introduced to a Portfolio-Passport system for tracking their best work and accomplishments in four areas of endeavor: academics, athletics, leadership, and citizenship.

School Comments on the Results

Board wide examination results are one of the instruments used to access our program and assist with revisions. The process of review, development and implementation is a cyclical one designed to revise curriculum and delivery methods.

The Math 10 A results deviate from expectations. This group of students is the first to come through the three year transitions program (grades 7, 8, and 9). Though the upper quintile provides pleasing results, we must determine why we have the low end results we do.



Gloucester H.S.

More about our school

Gloucester H.S. has excellent local area network facilities including a satellite dish for rapid communications via the Internet. Our electronic bulletin board system is accessible by modem from home. The student to computer ratio is less than four to one.

The Gloucester H.S. Library Resource Center is an up-to-date information centre supporting staff and students. Features include multiple Internet access, complete CD Rom technology. Students utilize an electronic catalog to search the diverse information resources.

Our computerized career center, a newly offered career planning course, and a significant Ministry grant to assist further career program development ensure first-rate assistance to students planning for their future.

Other facilities include:

• a 650 seat auditorium facility which we use for our stage presentations and assemblies

• two separate gymnasiums, a fitness center, a dance studio, access to an arena, swimming pool, and extra playing fields

• a large technology center providing facility for computer programming, communications technology - English media (computer aided audio/video), computer aided design, computer technology interfacing (OAC), design construction and transportation technology

• a large, well equipped science department.

Our curriculum includes specialty programs such as media communications, architectural drafting, music - percussion and guitar, art - pottery, computer design, photography, stage production, Italian and Japanese Language studies, entrepreneurship, global cultures and geographic information systems, and junior chef taught in French and English.

There is a high level of "Gator Pride" related to the consistency of school expectations, the safety of our school, and the special accomplishments of students and staff. We strive to improve student level of achievement by implementing:

• support programs which include Special Education and English as a Second Language

• individual remediation programs

• open communication with parents

• review of attendance and evaluation policies to enhance student success in credit accumulation.

A Message from our School Council / Parent-School Association

We welcome new students and parents to our dynamic school community. We value the positive and dedicated staff who work with our children for success in their learning and extra-curricular programs. We appreciate the emphasis on continuous improvement of school standards and school facilities. The graduates of our school are well prepared to continue their education and be productive citizens.

A Message from our Students / Student Council

As elected representatives of the student body, Student Council members are involved in decision-making for the benefit of all students. Our goal is to ensure that our school maintains the high standards of achievement and the positive environment for students which are the hallmarks of the Gloucester H.S. tradition. We appreciate the support that we receive from staff, parents, and School Council.

For more information...

If you would like further information about our school, please call (613) 745-7176 between 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. We can also arrange help in providing information in some additional languages.

Gloucester High School
2060 Ogilvie Road
Gloucester, ON K1J 7N8
Tel: (613) 745-7176 Voice Mail: (613) 745-0732 Fax: (613) 745-5756

Principal: Mr. R.J. Armstrong Superintendent of Schools: Mr. J. Reynolds
Vice-Principals: Mrs. K. Callan-Jones and Mr. B. Nicoll Chair, School Council: Mrs. L. Coutu
Office Administrator: Ms. N. Palisek

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