1953 - MG TD

On Wednesday, May 13th, 1953, Chassis # TD27667-XPAG27971, an Ivory over Almond Green MGTDII, rolled off the assembly line at the Abingdon-on-Thames, Nuffield factory of the Morris Garage Company. The first MG TF's had begun assembly on the line as well. Along with the day's production, #27667 was moved into the 'For Export' compound at the rear of the plant.
Queen Elizabeth II had yet to be crowned Queen of England, Dwight D.Eisenhower was President of the United States, and Louis St-Laurent was Prime minister of Canada. The second World War had been over for a mere 8 years.
After making the Atlantic crossing, the little TD was unloaded at the Hamilton, Ontario, MG warehouse and readied for delivery to a local dealer.
Sold by Guliver's Motors for $2115.00, the MG spent its first few years scooting around the streets of Hamilton.
Purchased by an Insurance Adjuster in the late 50s/early 60s, it then joined a number of other MG Ts and various parts cars as part of a private collection.
Some time in 1966, the group of cars was transferred to 'Al Sooter', a local British Auto dismantler/mechanic on Hwy. #6 north of the city, and all made roadworthy. #27667 kept the original tub and engine, and along with a few of the spares, was rebuilt and finished in 'jet black' for a Hamilton lawyer. The original interior remained.
Picked up on September 1st, 1967 for $1980.00, the lawyer and his young family enjoyed it until '78, total mileage - 48,818 miles.
For various reasons that year, the car was driven into a relative's barn and parked. During the next 24 years it was moved to a garage, and then another barn. Somehow, it remained in fairly good shape and other then the wheels, rust free.
In 2003, a chance meeting with a MGTC owner resulted in its next move to a driveway in Beamsville where it sat with faded paint, tarnished chrome, and mildewed interior. The TC owner took on the job of selling the TD for the 4th time.
In May, 2004, it was sold again and was then off to a barn in Queenston where the task of making it roadworthy began.

Fall (Midland),Christmas 2003 and Early May...2004

Purchase: May 21st, 2004

End of May, 2004...!!!

June, 2004...!!!

First Half of July, 2004...!!!

Last Half of July, 2004...!!!

It runs -August, 2004...!!!

September, October, November, 2004...!!!

Winter - 2005

Spring - 2005

Summer - 2005

Fall - 2005

Winter - 2006

Spring/Summer - 2006



Simple Removable Luggage Rack

Seat Rebuild

Armrest Construction/Radio Installation

Aftermarket Heater Installation

12 Volt modern Heater Fan Installation

Vintage Nardi Steering Wheel Restoration

Original TD Steering Wheel Conversion

Tonneau Cover Contructions

Sept.1952 Popular Science MG TD Article

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