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About the Banner Flags: Canadian Red Maple Leaf and the British Union Jack
About the Background Flags: Stylized Red Maple Leaf and the Flag of Ontario

Government of Canada Websites
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Government of Canada - Official Website
(for provincial website links, see 'Provinces and Territories' below
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Official Website of the Capital City of Canada

Government Quick-Links
A to Z Index - Complete List of Keywords
Departments and Agencies
Aboriginal Canada Portal
Newcomers to Canada - Information and services to help you adapt to your new home
Non-Canadians - Information for visitors studying in or immigrating to Canada
National Library of Canada
Canadian Heroes
Parks Canada
Parliament Hill
Royal Canadian Mint
Statistics Canada

Maps of Canada
By Province or Territory (courtesy
By Region (courtesy
By City (courtesy
Hotel Accomodations (courtesy

My Collection of Canadiana
Compiled and composed by Neil Simpson

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A Brief History of Canada
Important moments in Canadian History from early exploration to present
(currently updating with new, more detailed information)

Prime Ministers
Chronological, biographical list of Canada's Prime Ministers

Fathers of Confederation
The Men who Created the Dominion of Canada

Chronological list of Canada's Governors-General (Representatives to the Monarchy)

Canadian Post-Secondary Education Links
Categorized links to all the Canadian University and College websites I could find on the Internet.

Canadian & Provincial Flags, Crests and Official Symbols
Static & Animated flags, Official Crests, Coats-of-Arms and the stories behind them. Official Symbols and Emblems.

Provinces and Territories
Links to official websites, Capital Cities, time zones, government, and entry into the Dominion of Canada.

What's in a Name
Derivation of the name 'Canada' and provincial names.

O Canada! - National Anthem
O Canada! - Read and Hear the Anthem
O Canada! - History
Calixa Lavallee (composer)
Sir Adolphe-Basile Routhier (French lyricist)
The Honourable Robert Stanley Weir (English lyricist)

Lest We Forget - 1914-1918
Lest We Forget - 1939-1945
Actual letters and diary entries by Canadian soldiers during the World Wars
Liberation Day - The Liberation of Mons
Unabridged version of a short story written by the webmaster which appeared in the 2002 Edition of Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul

Royal Canadian Legion - Official website
Veterans Affairs Canada - Government website
Canadian Veterans Recollect - Government-Sponsored website
Real Audio required. Warning: Descriptions are graphic and detailed. Discretion is advised.

Facts and Figures
Canada: the world's second-largest country

More Canadian Links

Canada's Abominable Snowman
The amazing and true story of misfortune and courage.

Casa Loma
The story of Sir Henry Pellatt's 'dream castle' in downtown Toronto, Ontario.

CN Tower
The world's tallest free-standing structure.

Colonial Cash
Early Canada's unique answer to the Cash Crunch!

Empress of Ireland
Canada's greatest river disaster of all time.

Frank Slide - Alberta
One frightful morning when a mountain buried a town.

The Halifax Explosion
Not until Hiroshima was there a bigger, man-made explosion than the one which leveled Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In Flanders Field
The story behind the most famous poem ever to be written about a war.

The incredible and disturbing role Halifax, Nova Scotia, played in the Titanic disaster aftermath.

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