Coat of Arms

Armorial Bearings

Officially granted by Royal Warrant, May 30, 1907, by King Edward VII.

The shield is topped by St. George's Cross on a white background, representing King George III and symbolizing British heritage. An azure-blue (official colour of Alberta) sky highlights the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, shadowing the green foothills, the prairies and the wheat fields.

Blue, along with Gold, are official colours of Alberta.

Coat of Arms

The Crest, Supporters and Motto were added to the Armorial Bearings by Royal Warrant on July 30, 1980, by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The Crest sits atop the Armorial Bearings of Alberta and is comprised of a Royal Crown of sovereignty resting on a beaver's back which, in turn, rests upon a silver and red wreath which sits atop a blue helmet. The beaver is a symbol of Canada, representing the role of beaver trapping and the Hudson's Bay Company in Alberta's history. The traditional mantle is white and red, Canada's official colours.

The Supporters, a Gold Lion and a Pronghorn Antelope, represent power and the natural resources of Alberta respectively. They stand upon a grassy mound dotted with the official flower of Alberta, the Wild Rose.

The Motto, FORTIS ET LIBER, means 'Strong and Free'.