Coat of Arms

Armorial Bearings

Given Royal Approval on February 7, 1957, by Queen Elizabeth II.

The upper portion, white with a serrated base, represents the dangerous Polar ice. The wavy blue line represents the Northwest Passage through which many early explorers attempted to find a shipping route to Cathay (the Orient). The lower portion is divided diagonally into green and red sections. The dividing line, representing the treeline (above which trees no longer grow), separates the trees, represented by green, and the tundra, represented by red. The gold in the green section and the white fox in the red section represent the minerals and furs which have been the basis of the wealth and prosperity of the Northwest Territories from its early history to the present.

Coat of Arms

The Crest consists of the Shield topped by a twisted ribbon of white and red - Canada's official colours. Two gold narwhals face outward and protect a compass rose, representing the Magnetic North Pole which currently rests within the Northwest Territories.

The Coat of Arms is to be redesigned in the near future.