Official Symbols & Emblems

Flower - Pacific Dogwood

Adopted in 1956, the Pacific Dogwood, Cornus nuttallii, is the only Canadian floral emblem which is actually a tree. The Dogwood, which grows as high as 8 metres (26 feet), blooms in April and May. In Autumn, the trees are filled with bright red berries and brilliantly-coloured leaves.

Bird - Steller's Jay

Adopted on December 17, 1987, the Steller's Jay, Cyanacitta stelleri, can be found throughout British Columbia. Full of energy and mischief, the Steller's Jay was voted the most popular bird in the province by the citizens of British Columbia.

Tree - Western Red Cedar

Adopted on February 18, 1988, the Western Red Cedar, Thuja plicata donn, played a key role throughout the history of the west coast aboriginals. Today, the Western Red Cedar maintains its place in Native traditions as well as being a major industrial resource for the province.

Gemstone - Jade

Adopted 1968, Jade, which is mined throughout British Columbia, is a favourite medium for sculptors, artists, and jewellery makers of the province.