Official Symbols & Emblems

Flower - Prairie Crocus

Adopted March 16, 1906, the Prairie Crocus, Anemone patens, blooms early in Spring. It was selected as the floral emblem by the school children of the province.

Bird - Great Grey Owl

Adopted on July 16, 1987, the Great Grey Owl, Strix nebulosa, is the largest owl in North America. With a wingspan of 1.3 metres (4 feet), the Great Grey Owl can be found year-round from the Canada-U.S. border in the south to the treeline in the north.

Tree - White Spruce

Popular and easily-recognized, the White Spruce, Picea glauca, is able to survive in virtually all climatic and environmental regions of Manitoba. Most well-known as a traditional 'Christmas' tree, the white spruce is often cultivated for that purpose.