The Beothuk Vanish

Two years earlier, in 1612, John Guy had encountered a small group of the reclusive Beothuk Indians. Friendly relationships had been established while trading small gifts and sharing food and the group had agreed to meet again the following year. Guy, however, had resigned his post as governor of Cuper's Cove and had returned to England. Whether the Beothuk had kept their agreement is unknown.

In 1614, around the time of the pre-agreed meeting between John Guy and the Beothuk, a fishing boat was sailing past Trinity Bay and noticed a small group of Natives gathered along shore. It is believed by historians that the group was awaiting the return of John Guy. Since Guy had not returned the year earlier, it is believed that the Beothuk had returned a second time in hopes of continuing the friendship with Guy.

The captain, however, believed the Indians were going to attack his ship and ordered a cannon shot toward them. The Beothuk disappeared into the woods and effectively vanished for the next 200 years. (see 1823)