Louis Jolliet
The Final Years

Throughout his life, Louis Jolliet had gone from student Jesuit to coureur de bois to explorer of the Mississippi to merchant. He was well-known throughout France, New France, and even England. His accomplishments were many and the knowledge he gained was invaluable to Canada's future.

Following his trip to Hudson Bay in 1679, Jolliet realized that his own mechant business was in jeopardy at the hands of the powerful Hudson's Bay Company, and, as a result, was granted Anticosti Island in 1680, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, where Jolliet set up a fishing industry where he could fish for cod and hunt for whales and seals. In the years following, Jolliet spent his summers on Anticosti Island and his winters in Quebec where he taught hydrography (mapping seas, lakes, rivers, etc.) at the Séminaire de Québec.

In 1694, Jolliet received his final commission to map the labrador coast. Throughout the year, Jolliet travelled north to 56° latitude and returned to Quebec with the most complete and detailed maps of the coast to date. His journals were filled with detailed descriptions of the land and its people, including complete and precise descriptions of the Inuit.

Jolliet realized, however, that trade along the coast would not be enough to warrant the cost involved.

Louis Jolliet virutally disappeared following his trip along Labrador. Almost nothing is known of his life during his last 5 years except that he was appointed professor of hydrography at the Séminaire. No-one knows when or even how he died, although it is known that he died in 1700.

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