Radisson and des Grosseilliers
Médard Chouart des Grosseilliers

At some time around 1641, Médard Chouart des Grosseilliers arrived in New France. Before 1646, des Grosseilliers spent some time in Huronia, probably as a soldier of New France. Sometime after 1651, when 16-year-old Pierre-Esprit Radisson arrived in New France, des Grosseilliers met and became enamoured with Radisson's half-sister, Marguerite Hayet. The two were married in 1653 while Radisson was being held captive by the Iroquois.

Before he partnered with his brother-in-law, Radisson, des Grosseilliers travelled to Lake Huron in 1654, accompanied by another Frenchman and members of the Ottawa tribe. In 1656, des Grosseilliers returned to Lake Huron and brought back 50 canoes filled with furs for trade. The merchants in Quebec were ecstatic.

Shortly after his return to Trois-Rivières in 1656, Médard Chouart des Grosseilliers and Pierre-Esprit Radisson formed their partnership and became known in history as Radisson and Grosseilliers.

Radisson and des Grosseilliers

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