(Document source: BRIGHTON ENSIGN September 22th, 1933)

Cairn to the first pioneer settler in Brighton decorated with flowers
followed by picnic of his descendants, the Simpson Clan

On Sunday afternoon, Sept. 17, 1933, a splendid representative gathering of citizens and descendants of Obediah and Mary Lord Simpson, assembled to honour and place many beautiful flowers on the Cairn, which was erected to their memory at the gateway to Presqu'ile Point, August, 1931. Obediah was the first white settler of Brighton, nearly one hundred and fifty years ago. A United Empire Loyalist who braved the wilds of pioneer life in the Land of Promise, so that he and his family might remain loyal subjects of the British Crown.

The program was opened by singing 'Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow'. Mr. Harry B. Phillips, ex-Warden of the United Counties, was requested to preside over the gathering and gave a talented address, tracing the history of that outstanding group of our people of this Dominion, known as the United Empire Loyalist, of which Obediah Simpson was one, who pioneered this country over a century ago. They were the people that laid the foundation for the progress and development that has come to Canada and kept Canada's ties to Britain. Mr. Phillips stated he had always known a great many of the Simpson family personally and they were an industrious, honourable class of citizens, of whom their worthy forebears might well be proud. Also referring as he did to two prominent descendants of the Simpson family who were absent, living as they do in distant parts of Canada, Dr. George H. Wade and Dr. Robert Arthur, both of whom had taken a great interest in the erection of the Cairn. They have also gathered data of the Simpson family back through the years -- anticipating that both these gentlemen will be present at the next annual Simpson picnic in 1934. Mr. Phillips expressed congratulations to Dr. Robert Arthur on being so singly honoured by his Confers in being elected recently to the position of President of the Medical Association of Canada.

Mr. A.A. Martin, inspector of Public Schools for the County gave a most scholarly address -- a historical review of Canadian history and the great part played by the United Empire Loyalist in the life of the Dominion, congratulating the descendants for honouring their forebears by the erection of the Cairn, that their memory might be handed on down to future generations.

Mr. Harry Quick, Reeve of Brighton, expressed his pleasure at being present as where ever the various families of the Simpsons assembled, he knew he was associated with old friends and conveyed the best wishes of the citizens of the Community to the assembly.

At the conclusion, the entire assembly joined in singing 'God Save the King,' after which a most kindy invitation was extended to all those present by Mr. & Mrs. Fred Craig to join them for a picnic at their new summer home recently built. Great long tables were on the lawn and a grand, hot, chicken dinner was enjoyed to the full by the large assembly and particularly the invited guests, after which one of the gentlemen present rose to extend on behalf of all the men present their appreciation to the ladies for the wonderful dinner and especially to Mr. & Mrs. Fred Craig for their hospitality in throwing open their new summer home to all those present.

Mrs. Craig (nee Jessie Simpson) responded in words of welcome and requested all to come again to their cottage next year for the annual Simpson Picnic.

Those who attended were:
Willet Simpson; Mrs. Alwilda Simpson; Mrs. Addie Simpson; Mr. & Mrs. Frank Simpson and family, Jean, Francis, Stella, Fred, Rennie, and Ralph; Mr. & Mrs. Lon Simpson; Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Simpson and family, Ernest and Gerald*; Mrs. Darwin Simpson; Mr. James Simpson and son, Harry; Mr. & Mrs. Elton Simpson; Mr. & Mrs. Morley Simpson and son, Arthur; Obe Simpson; Mrs. Stella Freeman; Mr. & Mrs. George Loomis; Mr. & Mrs. John Loomis and family, Dawn and Ila; Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Clark and family, Walter and Opal; Mr. & Mrs. Fred Craig; Mr. & Mrs. Newell Craig and son, Billy; Messrs. Fred, Abe and Markle Wade; Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Wells; Mr. & Mrs. Donald Vincent; Mr. & Mrs. Donald Shannon; Mr. & Mrs. Alf Taft and family; Mr. & Mrs. George Huff; Mr. Harry Quick (Reeve); Mr. Harry Phillips; Mr. Jay Mills; O.P. McConnell; Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Chatten; Ora Vincent; Charlie Craig; Mr. & Mrs. Fred Meyers and daughter, Virginia; Mr. John Howe; Gilbert Pennick; Mr. & Mrs A.A. Martin and family.

*My Grandparents, Hugh and Jennie (nee Poole) Simpson, my Father (Ernie), and my Uncle (Jerry), respectively

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