(Document source: BRIGHTON ENSIGN September 9th, 1931 ... Note the spelling 'Obadiah')


The unveilling of the Cairn erected to the memory of Obadiah and Mary Simpson, the first settlers in Brighton District, at Presqu'ile Point on Wednesday afternoon was attended by beautiful bright sunshine and was a delightful day for the event.

Had the venerated dead been able to view the scene and see their many descendants from two weeks old to well past the four score mark, who had gathered to do honor to their memory, they would have been deeply grateful as well as astonished to see the great gathering that hath sprung from their loins.

The unveilling ceremony was somewhat delayed but at about three p.m. Mr. Sam Nesbitt, who acted as chariman, called the gathering to order and after singing "O' Canada" Rev. E.G. Smith read a passage of scripture, followed by an invocation by Rev. C.W. Barrett. Then followed the chairman's address.

Mr. Nesbitt stated that he would only make a short address as time was passing, in which he said that he was pleased to see such a large gathering and that all were present to do honor to the common people, who today as well as in the days of the departed were the backbone of the British Empire. The people of the empire he divided into three classes: the idle loafers, the workers, and the idle rich. To the second class the descendants of the late Obadiah and Mary belonged and if the British Empire were populated with people of like ilk, the present day troubles of the Empire would not exist. Mr. Nesbitt was in a jocular mood and accused Mrs. Alonzo Thorne of stating that she was twenty years younger than the speaker, which created quite a furor of fun. The Ensign and its editor also came in for a few nicely put remarks (for which, THANKS). In conclusion, he said that he had known a great many of the Simpson family personally and that they were all a sober, industrious class of citizens of whom their worthy forebears might well be proud.

The chairman was followed by Mr. Harry B. Phillips, who was in splendid form, and who delivered one of the finest short speeches we have ever heard him make. He commented on the large number of descendants of the original Simpsons and their fine appearance. He was very proud of the fact that one of the recent new arrivals was named Harry and named him.

Mr. Phillips was followed by Doctor George Wade, who together with Doctor Arthur, were the moving spirits in the erection of the Cairn. The doctor stated that he met Dr. Arthur in Ottawa only a few days ago, and he had told him that he would be present, but owing to ill health had to stay at his home in Sudbury. He read a telegram from Dr. Arthur expressing his regrets at his inability to be present. The doctor then gave a sketch of the history of Obadiah Simpson. (copy on file)

At the conclusion of his address little Miss Lila Loomis came forward and presented Dr. Wade with a beautiful bouquet of roses. As thanks for which the doctor, to show his gallantry, kissed her.

The unveilling of the Cairn took place. The Cairn was draped in a Union Jack and the cord was pulled by the youngest and oldest Simpson, who were two months and past the four score mark respectively. Harry William Obadiah is the son of Mr. & Mrs. James Simpson. On removing the flag, they exposed the beautiful Cairn, which was built of granite boulders gathered on the land Obadiah had settled in 1796. Around the Cairn were grouped a number of the older Simpson family, and a number of great, great, great grandchildren of the first settlers, and they all placed bouquets of flowers on the base of the Cairn.

'God Save the King' was sung by the assembly and Rev. Smith pronounced the benediction. Mr. Robert Young then sounded the last post.

The Presqu'ile Park Commission gave the Simpson descendants permission to erect the Cairn on the Park lands, and it will be surrounded with a coat of lake pebbles.

After the ceremony, a very interesting event took place, when Master William Newell Craig, son of Mr. & Mrs. Newell Craig, and little Miss Mary Martha Coleen Craig, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Earl Craig, all descendants of the first settlers, were christened by Rev. C. W. Barrett.

After the christening the party adjourned to the Presqu'ile Hotel Lawn where a sumptuous repast was served to over seventy guests. Had the late Obadiah Simpson been present, he would have been pleased to find out that the female branch of his descendants had not forgotten how to prepare goodies for the inner man. Mr. Harry Phillips proposed a toast to the Simpson Family and coupled Dr. George Wade and Mr. Sam Nesbitt's name with same. The toast was drank by the guests, followed by a rendition of 'They are Jolly Good Fellows', bringing to an end a very pleasant historical event. It is the intention of the Simpsons and their family connections to make a family picnic an annual event.

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