Map - Brighton, Ontario
Two hundred years ago, Brighton,
Ontario, Canada, was born!

Following the American Revolutionary War of 1776, United Empire Loyalists (UELs), colonists who had sworn allegiance to the Crown, were expelled from the newly-formed United States. Many UELs moved their families north into what would become the Dominion of Canada. My ancestor, Obediah Simpson, was one of them.

Obediah and his family travelled to the northern shores of Lake Ontario into what would become Ontario and became the first homesteaders in this small community of Brighton. The Simpson family thrives there still.

At one time, virtually every Simpson in the Brighton area was related (either directly or indirectly) to Obediah Simpson. Today, many still are!

The Simpson family has played a major part in the development of this growing Canadian town. Although many have now moved along to make their own lives in other parts of the country, many still remain in the area in our attempts to maintain our right to the title:

The First Family of Brighton.

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According to Canadian law, citizens able to prove their direct link to an original United Empire Loyalist may add the letters 'UE' to the end of their names...

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John C. Simpson - Grandson to Obediah, Son to Jeremiah & Jerrainy
William H. Simpson - Grandson to Obediah, Son to Obed & Rebecca
Mary Polly Simpson (& Joseph Gibson) - Daughter to Obediah
Cairn to be Erected - Original Brighton Ensign Newspaper Account 1931
Cairn Unveiled - Original Brighton Ensign Newspaper Account 1931
Cairn Decorated - Original Brighton Ensign Newspaper Account 1933

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