John C. Simpson

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John C. Simpson, a retired farmer and one of the prominent and representative men of Gore of Chatham, belongs to an old family of the County of Northumberland, in the Province of Ontario. He was born in Brighton Township, October 10, 1823.

The Simpson family is of English extraction and was first founded in America in the state of South Carolina. In the late 1790's the Simpsons left the colonies for Canada and settled in the Brighton area in 1796. Johnís father and mother, Jeremiah and Jerana (Wees) Simpson, came to the County of Kent in 1851 and settled in the Gore of Chatham where the father died November 6, 1864. Jerana died August 27, 1900. They were most estimable people and long were valued members of the Methodist Church. Their children were: Melissa, deceased, wife of Moses Herrington; Matilda, deceases, wife of Stephen Vincent; Peter, who died in young manhood; John C. of this writing; Obediah, deceased; Catherine, deceased, wife of Jonathan Vincent; William, a farmer at Orwell, Ontario; George, deceased; Sarah, wife of James Way of the County of Northumberland; Jeremiah Jr., who died in 1901; Edwin, deceased; Edgar, of Bay City, Michigan; James, deceased; Norman, a carpenter at Dresden, Ontario; Hiram, deceased, of Gore of Chatham; David, of Michigan; Emily A., the wife of Asa Cronk from Courtright, Ontario; and Benjamin, a farmer of Lambton, Ontario.

Until he was nineteen years of age, John remained with his parents, during this time attending school and learning the practical duties of farming. Then he spent three years as an apprentice to the cabinet making trade and subsequently worked at the same profession for the next ten years as a journeyman. John rented land belonging to his mother-in-law situated in Yarmouth Township, Elgin County, for two years. In 1854, John moved to his own farm of 90 acres at Lot 30, Concession 1. John eventually sold a part of the farm retaining 40 acres. This farm has been well maintained and one of the better attractive and comfortable homes for the area.

John first married Lieucealieal (sic) Penny in Brighton and the children of the marriage were Gabriella R., who married Lanson Mickle, a farmer of Amherstburg, Ont.; Cornelia M, deceased, the wife of Washington Walker; Helen O., who died young; Lieucealical (sic), who married James Henderson of Michigan. Their mother was born June 24, 1825, in Jefferson County, New York. She died February 20, 1853, and was buried in Yarmouth Township in Elgin County.

John married Almira Huff, born January 31, 1834 in Elgin County, daughter of Abraham and Rachel Huff from the Bay of Quinte area, both of old Quaker families. Children of this marriage are Sarah J., widow of Ira Forshee of Dresden, Ontario,; William H., an engineer at Hamilton, Ontario; Miss Emma R., at home; and Dr. John M., a dentist from Menzo-Cleveland, Ohio.

In his political preference, John has always been a Conservative. At various times he has filled offices of responsibility, serving as school trustee for 12 years and Township councillor for 1 year. His discharge of public duties was honest and upright and met with the approval of his fellow citizens. Both he and his wife are prominent members of the Methodist Church of Tupperville.

Mr. Simpson belongs to the band of pioneers in this locality, and has taken a vital interest in the development of all this section. Retaining all of his mental powers as well as his physical activity, Mr. Simpson proves a delightful host, and his recollections of this part of the country, its early struggles and triumphs, the coming and going of many families. This biographer regrets that space prevents the interesting tales from Mr. Simpson be printed here.

Both John and Almira and their family are held in the highest esteem in the Gore of Chatham.

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The Simpson family of Brighton.

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