A very dear and cherished friend of mine is moving away to begin a new life in a new place. I miss her even now. I can only imgine the emptiness I will feel when she is no longer here with me to share my moments.

A few years ago, she gave me a poem. And now, I return it to her:

Some time ago
I received a special gift,
and it came in the form of you,
my friend.
You are so important to me,
and I want to thank you
for all the wonderful memories.
Whenever I see you,
I am reminded of myself.
Whenever I think of you, I am reminded
of all the good times we've had.
Together we've done so much,
seen so much, and felt so much.
With a knowing smile,
I look back at the shared times
and all the things only you and I know.
With high hopes and great expectations,
I look ahead to the future
and all the things only you and I
will share.
You not only put a smile on my face,
you put a smile in my heart.
You will always be my friend.

Barbara Iantosca

I wish you everything, Kath, but most of all,
I wish you happiness.
Take care, my friend, and be well.
Let's do the Time Warp again!

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