Mary Polly Simpson & Joseph Gibson

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George Gibson was a ship carpenter who trained at the Woolwick dockyards in London, England, and served with the Ardnana Service at Gibraltar. He [came] with his wife [Mary Randall] and daughter, Elizabeth (b - 1780 in England) to America. He served with Butler's Rangers during the American Revolution and went with other U.E.L. families to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Two sons were born there: Joseph in 1788 and Samuel, 1796. He brought his family to (Ile de Tante), now Amherst Island, where a daughter, Sarah Ann, 1797, and a son, John William, 1800, were born. Elizabeth was, by that time, married to Capt. Charles Selleck.

In 1803, George Gibson brought his family to Presqu'ile (Town of Newcastle) in a vessel built by himself (Lady Mary) and in command of his son-in-law, Capt. Charles Selleck. The Lady Mary continued to ply the lake carrying goods from Niagara to Kingston under his command. Registry records show Captain Charles Selleck to register the first water lot 4 on December 3, 1803, from the Crown.

Joseph Gibson received his crown lot [number] 6 on August 10, 1816, at Presqu'ile (Town of Newcastle).

(Reported, but not substantiated) that George Gibson built and owned the Speedy which he sold or loaned to the Government. The Speedy sank off Presqu'ile in 1804 while on route to Newcastle carrying many officials and a prisoner for trial.

Joseph Gibson and Mary Polly (Simpson) Gibson took up Crown Land across the bay from Presqu'ile in 1824 on lot 33, [Concession] C, Township of Brighton. The land has been passed down from generation to generation and has been in the same family for over 170 years. The land is now owned by Thelma Alexander and son Larry Keith Alexander who is the sixth generation on the same land. Joseph Gibson retained the land on Presqu'ile until his widow sold the land in 1881. Census of 1850 shows Joseph Gibson still farming the land.

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