In the interest of space, only the first two generations of the 'Simpson family' is included below, beginning with UEL Obediah Simpson. However, I have decided to include the 'direct links' from Obediah to myself within this page.
OBEDIAH SIMPSON (Aug 6, 1755 - Apr 3, 1809)
Obediah was born in North Carolina, USA, somewhere near Wilmington. (Research indicates that it may be Cape Fare.)
Married (___1783) MARY LORD TAYLOR (Nov 30, 1760 - ___1805)
Research leads us to believe that Mary was directly related to the 'Lord & Taylor Merchants' of New York City.
Our compiled list of several thousand names is growing every day. However, the names of Obediah's parents have eluded us to this point. If you can help, we would certainly appreciate it very much.

Also, we would appreciate any information regarding Mary Lord Taylor's relationship, if any, to the 'Lord and Taylor Merchants' of New York City.

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The Simpson family of Brighton, Ontario, Canada.

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