we gather friends
  like so many bouquets
  of butterflies,
which, sadly, so sadly,
  sometimes slip
  from our fingers
and flutter away
  into the breeze,
leaving us with empty hands
and a mind full of memories.

Don't count your birthday by years;
instead, count them by friends.
And, if friends were money,
you would be a millionaire,
and I, with you as my friend,
am rich beyond my dreams.

you entered my life
as a favour to a friend.
as a favour to me,
please don't leave it too soon.

We're friends,
you and I,
best, and forever.
We can sit in silence
and enjoy the company
of quiet.
We need no sound
to be happy.
We need only two:
you and me.
A touch of the hands,
a caress of the lips,
a brush of the hair,
a moment together,
all combining
to say,
'I love you, Friend.'

  (For Kath, April 15, 1983)

Why must we measure friendships by time?
A lifetime can be packed into a moment,
or a moment can stretch to a lifetime.
A moment spent enjoyably with a friend
can seem a lifetime.
Another, regrettably spent,
can seem an eternity.
Same moment... different sentences.
How much nicer to measure friendships
in laughs, silences, even tears;
to count happiness instead of years.
By that reckoning, my friend,
I have known you for a million smiles.

When I'm with you,
Time has no meaning.
It's just a beginning
Of knowing that
Time is only a feeling
We make real
When it is not really
There at all.
I'm having a ball...
Better cool it...
Don't want to use it
all up.

Sitting alone with your,
the river-chilled night breeze
sending shivers through the air.
The night floats by like the river,
drifting silently past
in the city-light darkness.
Tall pines reach for the heavens
and quiver at the sudden presence
of a shooting star.
Somewhere behind us,
the moon stares over our shoulders
and smiles down at the river
travelling by in its silence.
We share the night,
and our time,
and our lives.

(Not to be reprinted or published without express permission of the author, Neil Simpson)

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