I long for the days
of candy floss
and ferris wheels
when we could
take off our shoes
and stomp through
mud puddles.

marking out time
without ever knowing
what time it really is.

the water
is as a mirror,
and in the midst
of the clouds
floating silently
on the lake,
a lone swan
takes its time
to go nowhere
in particular,
simply enjoying
the happiness
in the stillness
of a single

so much like children
we grown-ups are;
living from day to day,
taking care of business,
but stopping now and again
to throw snowballs
at each other.

when I was alone,
and lonely,
and afraid of tomorrow,
I would walk with my dog
to my favourite spot
by the river,
and there,
on the bench,
with the city behind me
and the river before me,
and Sammie beside me,
I would wait
and watch
and listen
and smell
and feel
until the sun rose
over the treetops,
and I would think,
'This is only for me'
and somehow,
I wasn't afraid
or lonely

(Not to be reprinted or published without express permission of the author, Neil Simpson)

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