Deni's Award Gallery
Congratulations to All of You!

Since it's inception on August 21, 1998, Deni's Awards Programme has honoured the following sites.
More than just a 'Hall of Fame', this page allows my guests to visit sites they might not ordinarily discover by themselves.

Teddy Bear Award

Awarded to any Web Page by or about children.

* Dryden * Kodie * Cammy * John * Ryan * Victoria * Kassidy * Jordan * Sam_Jr. * Jaiden * Parker * Madison * BreAnna * Brandon * Collin * Blaik * Mason * Jason_Jr. * Taylor * Ryan * Tony * Briana

Thumbs Up Award

Awarded to Sites I enjoyed visiting.
No particular category . . . Just a pleasant visit.

Eric & Dawn's Family History * Corey's Page * The Ultimate Nicolas Cage Page * Nathan's Adam Sandler Page" * MJB Spirit Squads * Doug's GoldenEye 007 Home Page * Glenn's Home Page * 404 -- File Not Found * ChRiSsY'z HoMePaGe * Puffkins Rain Cloud * Ravenswrestling * Elliott's X-Files Web Page * Megan's Web Page * Martha's Land * Nan's Home Page * The Wizard * grapes great page * The Maverick Homepage * Ninpo and Ninjutsu: The art of the Ninja * Nazareth Area Blue Eagle Marching Band * Iceprincess's Realm II * The Freakie Magnet Homepage * Eddie's Spot * Sweety's Backgrounds * Swappers Online! * Marcine's Home Page * Katie's Hangout * Harry A. Houseman Lodge #717 * Bullz Realm * Wildman's Crimson Corner * Sweet Valley Club * The Unicorn Club * Welcome to Sarah's Awesome Page!!! * My Homepage * A Superb Page... * CinNaMin46's Page * X-Files: Paranormal Obsession * Rebecca's Cartoon webpage! * The Family Voice * Fun Stuff for Kids

Home & Family Award

Awarded to Sites with emphasis on Family Life.

Pocket's Airline * Welcome to my Web Page * Nelson-Ames Family Home Page * Texas is Our Home * Dimple's World * Our Homepage * Stacy Family Scrapbook * The Grapevine * Francine's Cozy Home * Enchanted Lady's Home * Lisa Lynn's Homepage * Mundy Page * Crystal's Corner * Kept in the Kitchen's Pantry * Circle of Life * Jean's Page with No Name * Mesweet's Homepage * Kid Stuff


Humanitarian Award

Awarded to Pages which have turned Despair into Hope for others.

Weight-Loss Support Page
After SIDS
Autism and Family
Nan's Phonics Page
Hope and Beauty Are Life's Hidden Treasures (Juvenile Diabetes)
There Is Always H.O.P.E. (Cancer Survivor support)



LMAO Cool Site Award

Awarded to Sites with a Heavy Lean toward Humour !
If you need a laugh, check them out!

Gus and Terry's Place in the Sun - A self-proclaimed 'retired 11-year-old'.
Renata's Miscellaneous Home Page - Lots of 'cool' stuff.
My Sexy Page - The title's an 'Attention Grabber!'
*{~';'~}cLoWnbEaR's Circus - It's A Circus! Really!
Amish On-Line - Bill Gates is Amish!??
Eli's most pointless Web Sites - Pointless sites on the Web.
Sten Lassen: Home of Smile - It works!

Deni's Hot Pick of the Month

Selected by 'yours truly' from all award winners in each month.
These sites are truly outstanding!

Elliott's X-Files Web Page - October 1998 (Thumbs Up winner)
The Maverick Homepage - November 1998 (Thumbs Up winner)
The Blue Homepage - December 1998 (Gold Award winner)

Deni's Honorary Award of Merit

Occasionally, I am asked to visit sites which I believe deserve an award, but, for one reason or other, I am unable to do so. However, they still deserve recognition for their hard work and for the services they offer their visitors. I will honour those sites here with this special 'Honorary Award'.

Zart Graphics - (Sponsored) Hina's site is full of on-line games, horoscopes, her own graphics and postcards, and a truly amazing section on the Islamic religion.

Gold Award

My Award of Excellence!
Shame on you if you pass up the chance to see these wonderful sites!

I am honoured to announce the first winner of Deni's Gold Award:
MY STORY - Living with PCOS

From the despair of being diagnosed with PCOS (Polycycstic Ovary Syndrome) to the joy of a miracle "happy, energetic, attention loving 6 1/2 month old".

Kokopelli...Catchy Name...Cool Site...
Kokopelli...The Masterful Homepage

Dedicated to the 'theatre', this insightful, highly-devoted young man has put together wonderful, attractive site that is a joy to visit.

"There is VERY LITTLE information on the Starlet in general,
let alone on the internet."
ITD TOY's Starlet and Miata web page

C'mon all you car fans! Burn a little rubber at Dave's page!

I think Sherrie was most surprised at this award,
because she had not even applied for it!
Sherrie's Untitled Page

Sherrie had sent me to a delightful page she had helped design - the Kid's College Summer Camp, which, unfortunately, was not a personal home page, and, therefore, not elegable for an award. In recognition of herfine work with these kids, however, I decided to award her own homepage.

"A personal homepage mostly dedicated to the great Scientist and Mathematician, Carl Friedrich Gauss. Argueably the most complete and comprehensive available on the web."
Nez77's Laboratory

Carl Friedrich Gauss - Everything you could possibly want to know!

Not a page for everyone, but 'Science and Mathematics' fans will find this highly-rated site truly amazing!

A Must-Visit site "for teen's to go and hang out."
Teen's World

Elisha has put together a well-designed page that is an important 'Drop-In Centre' for teens everywhere!

"A tribute to my son Alec who died of SIDS"
Gracie's Place

At the best of times, SIDS is an extrememly difficult situation to deal with, but Trish took the challenge in stride and has created an incredible site that is truly a labor of love.

Military Aviation Photography

Andres has put together a phenomenal site that has to be seen to be believed. All neatly catagorized and conveniently thumbnailed, any fans of aviation are sure to delight in this web site.

WOW!! English or German! Take your pick!
Axel's Homeworld

"...Windows95, Windows NT, Tools, Utilities, latest drivers, Games page, a top Antivirus page."

Worth the trip if only to see over 50 pages of awards!

Mystically Beautiful! Wonderfully Blue!
The Blue Homepage

Take a guided Fantasy Tour through an incredible, mythical land. Visit fairy-land towers and castles, then stop by and learn the real stories behind Scandanavian Myths.

Women in the Military
Wave's Homepage

Excellently designed and packed full of military info, Lori also offers the funniest page of military humour that I've ever seen!

Lions and tigers and...
Purple Teddy Bears...Oh My!

After one short visit, I felt Yvette and I have been friends for years. Go meet her for yourself!

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