Awards Bestowed upon my Site
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Thnx to all these generous people for granting me their wonderful awards.
Thank You... Deni.

"I feel your website truly demonstrates the core values of the citizen soldier - integrity, service before self, and excellence - and deserves recognition for the value it adds to our internet community."

"I have visited your site and found it to be excellent...."

...I really enjoyed my stay."

"Congratulations! You win Bullz' Award!"

"Congratulations! You and your site have earned it! A great page, loved the Canadiana stuff. I will be back for future visits."

"I love your site and am just making my way through it at the moment. I'm just stuck at your word puzzles at the moment and might be there awhile lol"

Katie's Hangout!
"You Have Won Katie's Favorite Site Award! I really like your site, and I will definitely be back :-)"

"Congratulations, you have won Mesweet's Gold Award. You have done a great job on your web site."

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