Black and White Photography

I have recently been playing around with some black and white photography. Earlier this week I loaded my camera with some Agfa Scala and pushed it two stops to iso 800. I headed out with my spotmeter and my two fastest lenses (a 50mm f1.4 and a 100mm f2.0)to try and capture some night scenes around downtown Toronto.

I played around with the spot meter checking and rechecking exposure on almost every shot, and every time it seemed the best exposure would be 1/30 at f2.0. I let the camera's automatic exposure try a few shots, but when I got my film back from the lab the spot meter had usually been right.

I got some really good pictures, but I can only present a couple of them here because my scanner doesn't like the dark tones of most of the pictures. Here are the few shots which scanned ok.

This first image is of the Eaton Centre

The second image is a mighty steel pillar, or maybe it is just a steel barrier meant to keep vehicles out of a back alley

The final image is of a shirt in a store window

Feb 1, 2002

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