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LAST UPDATE: February 18, 2003

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PILLOW STUDY UPDATE! (added February 18, 2003)

I need participants!

The first phase of my study went very well. Early data suggests that the pillow has a sound design. I am now onto the next phase of my study on the effectiveness of a new training pillow for children. I hope to publish an article describing the results. It would be greatly appreciated if you could help me find suitable participants.

I need parents with children between 5-15 years old that are concerned about the sleeping posture of their children. These children MUST be stomach or belly sleepers. As we will be measuring behavioural changes, participants must currently be sleeping in the front-down position for at least 20% of the night. Remember, participants must be between the ages of 5 and 15.  Since this is a home-based study, parents will be asked to monitor their child's use of the training pillow at home.

If you know someone like this...please let me know ASAP! Please feel free to forward this site address to anyone who might be interested.


Of the three common positions for sleeping (back, side, and front), the front-down position is the poorest posture because it causes stress to the neck, shoulders, and/or back. As this stress will eventually lead to pain and discomfort in one's adult years, a special pillow was designed to help train children not to sleep on their tummies.  Many of the behaviours we learn during childhood, both good and bad, tend to remain with us for the rest of our lives.  Although young bodies can tolerate the front-down sleeping posture, the older one gets the more difficult it becomes to change that behaviour, to eliminate that position from one's sleep routine.


Imagine that you are sleeping on your back with your head comfortably cradled in the centre of the pillow. While in that position, your head may lean to the left or right with support from one of the pillow’s two "wings". At some point during the night you feel that it is time for a change and shift from your back to another posture.

If you roll to the left or right to sleep on your side, the pillow will roll with you and your head will rest comfortably on one of the two wings (now in contact with the surface of the mattress). However, if you shift from your back to your front, the pillow will not be very comfortable - this will remind you why you’re using the Re-Mind-Me pillow and you will shift from your front to your left or right side.

After a few weeks on the Re-Mind-Me pillow, you won’t even bother trying to sleep on your front. After a few months, the "off your front" behaviour should be firmly established and you may be able to sleep on any pillow without the desire to sleep on your front.

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Located on Finch Avenue between Bathurst and Yonge Streets (2 stoplights west of Yonge), our office is easy to get to with lots of parking. In Finch Plaza at the corner of Finch Avenue and Grantbrook Street, the TTC can drop you right to the door from both Finch Subway (Finch West Bus) and Sheppard Subway (Senlac 55 Bus) stations. We are wheelchair accessible and are at gound level for your convenience.

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