A Few Words of Advice from Yossi

I am asked frequently, "What is the most important step I can take to enhance my health?". My answer is always the same: "TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH!" Maintaining your health requires personal commitment, resources, time, planning, being proactive and consistency. Good health is not something that one can take for granted, it is not an automatic occurrence even when one is young and resilient.


Become more knowledgeable. Devote some time to research including specific areas that may directly relate to you.

Bring balance to your life in all possible areas including family, work, play and relaxation.

Be critical as to your health professional (including your massage therapist or chiropractor). Ask questions. If you are not satisfied with your treatment plan or its execution do not hesitate to discuss this with your health provider or seek a second opinion. Remember, you are paying for your health care either directly or through your taxes. Be a smart consumer.

Devote some earnings towards a healthier lifestyle. Remember to review your own priorities and put your health status high on the list. You will feel better for doing it.

Try to adopt good habits. Don't smoke or, if you can't, reduce the amount you currently do. Keep a healthy diet. Treat yourself to a massage often. Get a physical by your doctor yearly. See your chiropractor regularly. Work out frequently. Find the time to relax and have fun. Do yourself a favour and maintain good habits like these.

If you have not yet started to exercise, now is the time. It does not have to be in a gym or involve complicated machinery DO WHAT YOU LIKE AND DO WHAT YOU CAN. Cardiovascular exercise is very important for longevity but remember, simple stretching is effective in keeping you body pain and discomfort free as well.

I am sure that you can add many more other good tips of your own. The most vital thing to consider is that your own health is as important as that of a loved one.

Yours truly,

Yossi Strauch RMT