Born in Germany, Rudy Sparkuhl grew up in Montreal and has a Master of Fine Arts degree from Concordia University. He currently lives in London, Ontario. A full time artist, he has exhibited professionally since 1977.He has executed numerous commissions. Inquiries are always welcome, regarding both commissions and the works appearing in this site, many of which are available for sale.


Group Exhibitions

Nine Talented Artists Under 35, Loranger Gallery, Toronto, Ontario. 1978

Vivre en Ville, Pavillion  Forum des Arts, Terre des Hommes, Montreal, Quebec. 1979

City Life, Cross-Canada Exhibition, Sponsored by Lavalin Inc. 1980-81

International Art Fair, Toronto, Ontario. 1980-83

Hyperrealisme, Galerie Alliance, Montreal, Quebec. 1983

The History of the City of Toronto's Fine Art Collection, Market Gallery, Toronto, Ontario. 1984

Fan Fan Wu, Rudy Sparkuhl, T.K.Thomas, Karney-Daniels Gallery, Toronto,  Ontario. 1988

45th  Annual Western Ontario Exhibition, London Regional Art Gallery, London,  Ontario. 1992

47th  Annual Western Ontario Exhibition, London Regional Art Gallery, London,  Ontario. 1994

High Resolution, Hyper Photographic Realistic Painting  Art Show,

  Low Art Gallery, Toronto, Ontario 1997

The Living City, Toronto Painting from the 1940s to the 1990s, Market Gallery,  Toronto, Ontario 1997

14th Annual Juried Miniature Show, Gibson Gallery, London, Ontario 2001

Red Show, Brush Gallery,Toronto 2005

Art London, Royal Hospital, Chelsea, London, United Kingdom 2006

FORM, Plus One Gallery, London, United Kingdom 2007

Plus One Gallery, 10th Anniversary, London, United Kingdom 2011

Solo Exhibitions

Atelier J. Lukacs, Montreal, Quebec. 1977-78

Atelier J. Lukacs, Montreal, Quebec. 1980

Atelier J. Lukacs, Montreal, Quebec. 1982

Atelier J. Lukacs, Toronto, Quebec. 1983

Atelier J. Lukacs, Montreal, Quebec. 1984

Atelier J. Lukacs, Montreal, Quebec. 1984-5

Karney-Daniels Gallery, Toronto, Ontario. 1987

Atelier J. Lukacs, Montreal, Quebec. 1988

Gibson Gallery, London, Ontario. 1991

Theodore Museum, Toronto, Ontario. 1991

Nancy Poole's Studio, Toronto, Ontario. 1992

Gibson  Gallery, London, Ontario. 1994

One London Place, London, Ontario. 1994

Gibson  Gallery, London, Ontario. 1997

Goodman&Carr , LLP, Toronto, Ontario, private exhibition, 2003

Westland Gallery, London, Ontario,August, 2016 ,


City of Toronto Archives, Toronto, Ontario

Confederation Gallery, Charlottetown, P.E.I.

Gaz Metropolitain, Montreal, Quebec

Goodman and Carr, Toronto, Ontario

Irving Oil, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Lavalin Inc. Montreal, Quebec

Low Art Collection, Bali, Indonesia

Microbix Biosystems, Toronto, Ontario

Petroleum Investments, Calgary, Alberta


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