1. Pinhole photography

Pinhole Visions: Pinhole Photography on the Web

La Porte d'Aval - Kallitype prints and pinhole photography
Robert Mann - Photography Pinhole Art Exhibition

Fotair - Erich's Pinhole Gallery and Lith Portofolio
1. Pinhole photography Supplies
Zero Image: Collectible handmade wooden pinhole camera
STARLIGHT Pinhole Cameras & Darkroom Kits
Eight Elm Photo (Toronto)

2. Lens photography

Black and White ArtZone
ZoneZero - From analog to digital photography

Bill Schwab Photographs - Fine Art Photographic Prints
Misha Gordin Conceptual Photography

3. Other processes

Alternative Photographic Processes: A list of Photographers
A Use for that Last Cup of Coffee: Film and Paper Development

Catherine McIntyre - Earthly Delights
Wendy Mukluk - Oatmeal Box Cameras and Alternative Processes

4. Other top sites

Adbuster Culture Jammers Headquarters
MkdzK 2001 - The art Search Engine
Thumbs Plus - The best/best image viewer and image manager for your computer

The Hunger Site

The Last Page of the Internet

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