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Welcome To Tau-AK

Welcome to Tau-AK. A site dedicated to the Tau, of Warhammer 40k. The Tau are the fastest, and one of the most advanced races in the game. They use range, and hit and run tactics. Tau-AK has a variety of features, such as a download section, and a growing forum. Join the Forum today!!

This site is focused on the well being of the Tau, and their generals, I tried to create this site for both beginners and experienced players. It includes my own personl opinions, and strategies regarding the Tau, and the opinions of other experienced generals. If you have any problems on this site, e-mail me at ass_jacked@hotmail.com.

Well I hope that you enjoy the site, it will be almost always undersonstruction, so expect some link problems ect. Dont forget to check out my other site The Aspiring Legion. Its a great site based on the impure of warhammer fantasy. For fantasy I play Dark Elves, so expect some information on them as well. Enjoy!

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Join the Tau-ak community today!!! Tau-AK offers great services such as Forums, Newsletters and more! Join the Tau-AK forums, and ask questions, give opinions, and post your battle reports. Register or Log In here. Dont forget that when you sing up you also get a free newsletter, which will include some great hints tricks, and info on the Tau!

News and Updates Found Here
September 30/04- Tau-AK has a new and improved forum!! All old users must unfortunately re-submit their names. To access the old forum click here.
September 25/04- The Site has been finished!! Don't worry though, I'm not done doing stuff to the site. I'm gonna add a model of the month, where you can send me your pics, and i can post them. You can submit, ANY WARHAMMER MODEL. It does not have to be Tau, or even Warhammer 40k.
September 18/04- All except the Units page has been completed. I am going to be adding a model of the month section soon, so start taking pics of your models.

Hint of the Day

When building and painting Crisis Suits, dont use glue to stick the guns on the suit, use sticky tac, do you can mix and match guns, according to the battle you are about to play.
E-mail me for your Hints to be posted at ass_jacked@hotmail.com.

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What is your favourite XV8 Weapon?

Plasma Rifle
Fusion Blaster
Burst Cannon
Missle Pod
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