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Elites are the most advanced, effective units in t a Tau army. XV suits offer a variety of options, fast, and strong.


Crisis Suits, or XV8's are the key point in the Tau army (imo). They have a wide variety of weaponry. It has 5 main weapon choices: flamer, plasma rifle, burst cannon, fusion blaster, and the missle pod.

Flamer: Effective at close range, and against low armored troops. Specifically Orcs, Tyranids, and Imperial Gaurd. Normally not fitted to a XV8.

Plasma Rifle: This is the most common weapon found on a XV8, as it is realtively powerful, good armor peircing, and has good range. Great against high armored troops, such as Space Marines.

Burst Cannon: This is a fast shooting raltively weak weapon. Effective against medium armor troops, with ok range. Effective against Eldar, Dark Eldar, and other Tau.

Fusion Blaster: An extremely effective close range weapon. Ver powerful, very limited range. Effective against tanks, skimmers, and other large vehicles/creatures.

Missle Pod: The 2nd most common XV8 option. Allows 3 long range, semi-power ful shots. Effective against Heavy/Medium armor troops.

Stealth Suits are one of 2 pre-emtive strike options with the Tau (the other are pathfinders). Stealthsuits, or XV15's can also do the very special JSJ rule of the XV Crisis Suits, and have special stealth rules. With limited range, and pathetic close combat ability these suits are hard to use effectively, but can change the tide of battle if used correctly.