Tau-AK was originally created and posted on the net in December 2003. Since then it has undergown many different looks, and pages. I am hoping that this could be the final design for quite some time. It seems to be user friendly, and easy to acess.

This site is based around the Tau of course, but specifically its been created for Tau players to be able to come to gether in a community for the common good. Generals can aid fellow Genrals in their quest for glory against common enemy's.

The forum is a key aspect to the site. It allows users to ask questions, and become involved in the Tau-AK community. For this site to succeed the must be a sufficent amount of members, so JOIN NOW!!

I am hoping that this site can become resonally popular with over 100 memebers in the forum. I hope that this is possible.

The site also offers something that i always wanted when I first started playing with the Tau, and thats an army builder and a free army book (which i got from a friend:) so i have decided to add a download section which has PDF files for forge world Tau such as the Tiger Shark, and a Tau army builder file.

The last version of this site in my opinion failed, so i am trying again. I am going to attempt to continualy update this one, and keep advertising it. I hope the site i ring i am going to set up will help.

If you hav actually read this (which i doubt you have) you will have figured out that I am not a experienced web developer, but have done a few sites over time. But i will accept any help that i can receive, and please send me any of your opinions.