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Fast Attack units, are effective, quick attack units, with limited armor, and range.

Pathfinders are short ranged, effective fighing machines. They have to start in a Pathfinder, and start ahead of the army. They are equipped with marker lights, to allow the Hamerhead and XV88 suits to hit their targets easier.
Gun drones are a special Tau unit, that can join other Tau units (in pairs as an option). They are cheap, and inforce pinning. There are 2 options, gun and sheild drones.
Kroot Hounds are a vicious part of the Tau. They always sstart in Kroot units, but can be released to reak havoc on fleeing units.
The Devil Fish is the only troop carrier for the Tau. With many vehicle upgrades, the Devilfish is still a relativly large target with no fire power. Its most effective (or mostly used as) a transporter for pathfinders.