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Headquarters is the brains of your army. The General of your force, usually one of the most powerful units/characters in your army. Tau have several options.

Shas'o and Shas'el and the two XV8 Battlesuit HQ options. Shas'o is stronger then the Shas'el, but also more points. I would advise a Shas'el and spend the extra points on more weapon upgrades (for more info on XV8 weapons (for more info on XV8 weapons click here.), or on another unit. This is the most basic HQ choice for the Tau.
The Tau Ethereal is a mystery amoung the Tau. They are the leaders of the Tau, and saved them from nealy whiping themselves off the planet many years ago. Ethereal seem to have the ability to make the Tau around them more confident in battle.