The Aspiring Legion

This site is partenered to a site called The Aspiring Legion. The Aspiring Legion is based on the impure of Warhammer Fantasy, which some of you may dislike, but i enjoy it. I find that the rules are much harder to master, and there is a lot more strategy involved then in Warhammer 40k.

The Aspiring Legion is not a new site, but has never been properly created. My friend and I always seem to start, but never finish it, and its been left like that for a few months now. I still encourage you to visit it and join its forum.

I am the co-prez of the site, with my friend. Originally it was going to be on all the races of Fantasy (which is way to many), but we decided to limit it to the 5 Impure races: Dark Elves, Chaos, Vampire Counts, Tomb Kings, and Skaven.

For Fantasy I play Dark Elves, and own a 1000pts+ army consisting of: 1 Noble on Cold One Knight, a unit of Spearelves, unit of Repeater Crossbows, a unit of Executioners, a unit of Black Gaurd, a War Hydra, a Reaper Bolt Thrower, a unit of Cold One Knights, and a unit of Dark Riders.

The Aspiring Legion focus' primarly on Chaos and Dark Elves (my friend has a very large 6000pt army of Tzeentch). Perhaps one day we will finish the Legion, but at the moment we are cought up in our studies.