This Links page contains links to other Tau, Warhammer 40k, and other afiliate sites. If you would like your site to be posted here, please e-mail me at is an affiliate to Tau-AK, but is not a site based on Warhammer, its more of an online community. Its been designed very well, and has lots of different ways to interact within the community.

This site powers our Mini poll. Its a great site, and it has no popups or ads that our placed on your site!!

WindowsAll ReVamped is a site created to aid people in the use of the big 3, Mac, Microsoft, and Linux operating systems. With tons of free downloads, and a froum, its a must see for any person using one of the big 3 OS.

Grim Stalkers Imperial Gaurd

A popular Imperial site, with lots of flash interactions. Well designed, and fun to use. Great for any Imperial, or even Tau player (trying to figure out how to beat the empire:)

Scorched Earth

A 40k site with a massive forum. Great for any player, for any army. Great layout and kool look.

Total Tau

Total Tau is a great site for any Tau player. This was the first real Tau site that i found, and I learned a lot during my period of time posting on their forum. Great site for beginners.

Tau Empire

A new and upcoming Tau site similar to this one. It has some kool features, and lots of new ideas!

Dark KiZZ

An awsome new forum for any new web site builders. Lots of good info, and great technical staff.

The Dark Inferno Network

This forum is for any Yugi'oh players out there. A small, but growing forum offer tips and info on your cards and strategy.


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Itzalist - Warhammer 40K Ring
Itzalist - Warhammer 40K Ring
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