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Name Label Release Date
Typical Girls/I Heard It Through The Grapevine Island September 1979
Typical Girls/I Heard It Through The Grapevine/Liebe and Romanze Island September 1979
In The Beginning (by The Slits)/Where There's A Will (by Pop Group) * Rough Trade March 1980
Man Next Door/...Version * Rough Trade June 1980
Animal Space/Animal Spacier Human November 1980
Earthbeat/Begin Again Rhythm (promo) CBS August 1981
Earthbeat-Earthdub/Begin Again Rhythm CBS August 1981
American Radio Interview (Winter 1980)/Face Dub (promo) CBS October 1981


Name Label Release Date
Cut Antilles September 1979
Return Of The Giant Slits * CBS October 1981
Peel Session 19.9.77 Strange Fruit January 1987
The Peel Sessions Strange Fruit November 1988
In The Beginning (A Live Anthology 1977-81) Cleopatra July 22, 1997


Name Label Release Date
Y3 Rough Trade May 1980
Typical Girls Won't Pay More Than 8.00, So Why Should You? Basic Records 1981
Typical Girls Live In Cincinnati & San Francisco Y Records  
The Slits Live 1978    
The Slits Live In Toronto    


Name Label Release Date
We Do 'Em Our Way EMI 1980
Wanna Buy A Bridge? * Rough Trade 1980

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