Dr. Hal Kingston, Chiropractor

I have moved my office !

My new location is Carling and Croyden

My new number is:   (613)  828-1494


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Welcome to my web site!

This is my first attempt at publishing a web page.  The site will be under construction for some time as I learn how to publish a little at a time.

I have been a member of the Canadian and Ontario Associations since graduating in 1976.

    I consider myself an easy going, scientific chiropractor.  I am semi-retired, working only Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

    I will tell you if you need a few or many treatments and follow-up work is at your option.

Questions:  Call me mon, wed, or  thur, at   828-1494

 Or e-mail me    mailto:halkingston@sympatico.ca