Dr. Hal Kingston, Chiropractor

I have moved my office !

My new location is Carling and Croyden

My new number is:   (613)  828-1494


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Here is a brief overview of how I like to practice:


I like to soften the key area with electrotherapy first.  A few people don't like electrotherapy, in which case I do a bit of manual massage


Either technique works well at pre-softening the area of greatest spasm, which makes my adjustment more effective and productive


Then I like to use slow velocity manipulation, which I feel is gentler and safer


I don't push supplements, but I do take them myself, and would be happy to counsel you


I will also teach you the best exercises to make my spinal corrections last longer

bulletManipulation has kept my own back in good shape over the years.  But I did require disc surgery in 1992.  If you need surgery, I have first hand experience and will guide you through it