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Learn To Fly! Learn to fly!!
Have you ever dreamed of flying? We don't mean riding in an airplane, but really flying, the way birds fly: gliding gently through the air with a bird's eye view of everything below...
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Wills Wing T2

The Wills Wing T2 represents a complete re-design of the well-respected Talon topless competition class glider. The airframe design, sail cut and airfoil design, and hardware have all been re-designed on the T2 to provide the best possible combination of competitive performance, extraordinary handling, and light weight. All aspects of glider performance – sink rate, L/D and glide retention at speed – have been markedly improved on the T2, and significantly enhanced handling qualities provide further gains in effective performance in both competitive and non-competitive flying.


Wills Wing Sport 2

There’s a new kid on the block - the new Wills Wing Sport 2. 15 November, 2005: The Sport 2 175 has been released. All three sizes of the Sport 2 are now in production. Wills Wing’s newest glider is based on our oldest idea; the high performance glider that’s easy and fun to fly. While some have always been willing to accept gliders becoming more difficult to fly as the price of higher performance, Wills Wing has focused on making better performing gliders that are also easier to fly. We pioneered the concept of "the high performance glider you already know how to fly" 30 years ago. Nearly 20 years ago, with the introduction of the original Sport 167, we firmly established the parameters of the "Sport Class" glider; a true high performance glider that an intermediate level pilot can fly effectively, and have fun on. Today, first with the U2, and now with the Sport 2, we’ve brought that concept to its highest levels of refinement.


Wills Wing U2

The U2 Ultra Performance Intermediate Hang Glider

The U2 is a very high performance glider with handling characteristics suitable for pilots of intermediate and higher level skills and experience. The U2 is available in two sizes - 160 and 145.

The U2 was conceived as a very light-weight glider with performance approaching that of the much heavier, more expensive, and more challenging competition class wings. There are no reflex bridles - all stability systems are internal - so cable drag is minimized. Standard on the U2 is the new Litestream control bar, a Slipstream style, fully streamlined bar that uses the same streamlined aluminum basetube as the Slipstream bar, but with shorter chord, easier to grip, lighter weight Litestream downtubes. Specially machined, fully streamlined aluminum corner fittings complete the Litestream package, which offers a more than 95% reduction in drag as compared to a regular AT-style streamlined control bar with a round basetube. The U2 features a Talon-like, curved tip planform and sports an exceptionally clean sail with a Mylar leading edge and 205MT trailing edge. A Talon-style extended bottom surface in the root cleanly fairs in the hang loop.

Falcon 3

Wills Wing Falcon 3

The Falcon 3 represents a significant design upgrade to what has been the most popular glider in Wills Wing’s history. Since 1994, the Falcon line has been the overwhelming favorite first-purchase glider for new pilots, as well as a very popular choice for more advanced pilots looking for the easiest, most convenient access to soaring available. With the Falcon 3, soaring potential, ease of use, and convenience have all been enhanced once again. Notable Features of The Falcon 3 * Can be short-packed to under 7 feet (2.1 m) for transport * Quick – attach nose cone enhances performance * Optional Litestream performance control bar can be bolted on with no change to flying wires * Transverse batten extends washout support provided at wingtips, allowing for reduced number of reflex bridle lines and lower cable drag * All main frame tubes are 7075 – T6 drawn seamless tubing for maximum strength to weight ratio * Expanded double surface and improved sail cut yield enhanced aerodynamics * Handling is light and quick, yet remains comfortable and reassuring

Let's Go Sky!  Hang Gliding Course Prices.
Introductory Classes ( $200.00 ) 
  • Ground School
  • Ten lessons on training hill.
Continuing Classes  ( $200.00 ) 
  • Ground School Review
  • Ten lessons on training hill.
Leaving the Nest  ( $200.00 )
  • Ten lessons on training hill & Winch.
  • Ground School Review
  • Ground School, You must purchase,
  • $50.00 training Book
  • Four lessons on training hill,

  • possible trip to higher site.
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