Dennis Harrington

Dennis Harrington was born on January 2nd, 1970 in Sebastopol Township (Cormac), Ontario on the family farm to Joseph Jerome Harrington & Elizabeth Edna Harrington (Harris). Dennis married Kerri-Lynn Kathleen McKerracher (A Champion Step Dancer) on June 27th, 1992, together they have two girls and a boy, Julia Janine, Miranda Katrina & Riely Mathugh Joseph Jerome.

Began his fiddling career in 1982 when he took six months of lessons by tablature from Randy Foster, the "Fiddling Fireman". Dennis cannot read music but has his wife transpose any music he would like to tablature. Dennis learns the vast amount of his tunes by ear.

Began entering Contests at the age of fourteen in the 18 & under Class in competitions in Renfrew, Pembroke, Lanark, Perth and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. In 1987 Dennis won 2nd in the 18 & under in Pembroke, ON and in 1990 placed 2nd in the Open Championship in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. In 1986 & 1987, Dennis won the Best Waltz Trophy & Best Reel Trophy in the Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Idols in Old Time Fiddling are many but names only Don Messer, Graham Townsend and Patti Kusturok-Lamoureux as his primary idols. Dennis has a vast selection of LP's, cassettes and CD's in his possession that has helped him learn new fiddle tunes by ear.

Strongly believes in the preservation of Heritage Old Time Fiddling and that the younger generation of fiddlers should be exposed more to the extensive Old Time Fiddle Music that Canadian Fiddlers like Don Messer, Graham Townsend, Ward Allen, Reg Hill, Andy Dejarlis and many other Canadian Fiddlers have composed & recorded through the means of Radio & Television.

Has composed over 30 fiddle tunes including Waltzes, Jigs, Reel's, Hornpipes & Schottische's.

Has two recordings available on both Cassette & Compact Disc titled, Old Time Canadian Fiddling that has five of his original compositions on it & Heritage Old Time Fiddling, By Request with four original compositions on it.

In 1999, the traditional fiddle tune "Little Burnt Potato" from Dennis' Old Time Canadian Fiddling CD went to number one, twice in the American Folk Music Charts in the United States.

In the past twenty years of fiddling, Dennis has had the opportunity to be around and to play with many fiddlers and accompanists such as, Graham & Eleanor Townsend, Earl Mitton, Ned Landry, Calvin Vollrath as well as Don Messer's piano player, Waldo Munro and Clarinet player, Rae Simmons. These are events in Dennis' career that have left a lasting impression.

Enjoys performing for the public. He has had the opportunity to play for Prime Ministers, Provincial Premiers but most of all enjoys doing shows and playing for various Retirement & Nursing Homes throughout the Ottawa Valley.

"There is a special feeling you get when you are in a Nursing Home playing for the residents and you are not even sure if they know that you are there, but when you see them tap their feet or break into a smile when you play a particular Old Tune, you know that what you're doing is being enjoyed and that you are bringing a little bit of happiness into their lives; this is worth more than any words of thanks or payment can ever bring".

For Further Information or Bookings:

Dennis Harrington 260 Lisgar Avenue Renfrew, Ontario K7V 3M8 (613) 432-0677