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Everlasting Flowers is a three CD set. The Chinese text for the Transcendent Scripture of the Great Grotto of Wenchang (contained in seven volumes, 492 pages), plus photographic images of Lijiang and Wild Irises of China are on the first CD. Recordings of the Dongjing (Taoist scripture) music played and chanted during this Wenchang ritual by the Dayan Ancient Music Association are on the second CD and by the Baihua Ancient Music Orchestra are on the third CD. This music was taped in Lijiang, Yunnan, China. Everlasting Flowers is, also, the title of a piece of the Dongjing music repertoire.

My quest for Chinese irises growing in their natural habitat brought me to Lijiang in April, 1987. In the old market square, I met He Yi An; after a number of years, he told me his life story which was published as Song of a Water Dragon. During an earlier visit to Lijiang, I recorded Dongjing music performed by two orchestras. During a later visit, He Yi An offered me a seven-volume Dongjing text. I now realise that he trusted me with it because he knew that, ultimately, I would fulfil his trust and share it with others.