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Three short stories and two novels are offered on this site. They include literature, science fiction/fantasy, a love story and more. "The Name" is a short story about finding hope in a stormy sea. "By the Still Waters" brings young men of two cultures together as they both search for spiritual wisdom. "The Vow" is a love story with a passionate theme.

The two novels published here are quite different. "Something Lyrical for the Night" is about a man who is disillusioned with reality and who, as a response, goes mad. His journey back to the real world is funny, heroic and insightful.
This book is available from American Book Publishers

Or from the author

"Daughters of the Teardrop Sea", by contrast, is a science fiction/fantasy piece, in style similar to the novels of the  horror genre. A psychiatric resident is thrown into a coma. She is six months pregnant. The results are startling. This book is available now from Publish America

Or from the author

It is recommended that you explore this site by reading the short stories first.

Something Lyrical for the Night


Daughters of the Teardrop Sea

Stories by H.M. Cooper

The Vow
A short story about destiny and love
"Sarah, I'm a fallen angel. I live in a dark and lonely house. I was born to power and riches, but my destiny has been despair"

The Name
A story set in the future about finding faith.
"God will not save you from yourself."

By The Still Waters
A native Canadian and an Orthodox Jew encounter in the bush
"They are a wonderful religion. Almost as old as our own."

Excerpts from Each Novel

Something Lyrical for the Night
A section from a  novel about illusion and reality. "I am encased in a mental hospital, Uncle. I'm not a patient, although I've lost my faith in reality. I am a political prisoner. Please help me. They will fry my neurons with chemistry. Write to me."

 Daughters of the Teardrop Sea
One section from a novel of truly psychological suspense: "Oh Look! I'm swimming in your tears, oh look!"

The Vow: A Short story about love and destiny
Excerpt from "Something Lyrical for the Night": What is the choice between illusion and reality if both of them are true? Available from American Book Publishers
About The Author: a few details
The Name:an allegory of finding God's love
By The Still Waters:two cultures meet in the Canadian shield

Daughters of the Teardrop Sea: A thoughtful full length novel. The complete text is available as a book at
Publish America

I am also available for writing, ghostwriting, and editing both fiction and non-fiction. If you would like to talk about your own projects, please email me.
Writing and Ghostwriting: A brief list of possibilities.

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