SNORRI made their first attempt to cross the David's Straight in August of 1997, and requested that Herb maintain contact with them via marine HF, to

Provide daily weather forecasts while crossing the David’s Straight.

They disregarded Herb's cautionary advice then. Several days out their rudder damaged SNORRI's stern structure in strong winds and seas and they rapidly

took on water. Herb responded to their Mayday call, contacted JRCC Halifax, who dispatched a C.G Icebreaker, Herb kept the Coast Guard updated with

SNORRI's position, until all Crew members were rescued at midnight. Mr. C.Doane did not revise his article, even after being informed thereof.

There are always two sides to every story. Herb does not fault Mr.

Doane for the content in Hodding Carter’s book, the 1998 Viking Voyage, he faults him for not seeking verification, before quoting it to support his position.


                      THE SUCCESSFUL 1998 SNORRI VOYAGE


Below is an extract from the 1998 South Bound II log. Herb’s forecasts were correct all along and they left after Saturday, even encountered heavy weather

approaching the following weekend. Herb made it clear to M. Carter that daily contact was essential and if he did not comply he should seek other sources.


1998 DAY                   SOUTH BOUND II  1998 LOG Entries


JUL   SUN  19     Received email message that Snorri plans to leave July-22 000Z

JUL   MON 20     No HF contact

JUL   TUE  21     No HF contact

JUL   WED 22     No HF contact

JUL   THU  23     No HF contact

JUL   FRI   24     No HF contact

JUL   SAT   25     No HF contact

JUL   SUN  26     pos 67N, 52W inside Fjord, light southerly’s, Herb fcsts heavy weather west of 58W           

JUL   MON 27     pos 67N, 52W inside Fjord, light southerly’s, Herb fcsts heavy weather by weekend

JUL   TUE  28     pos 67N, 52W inside Fjord, light easterly winds, no change in provided fcst by weekend

JUL   WED 29     pos 67N, 52W inside Fjord, light variable winds, fcst suggests departing after Saturday

JUL   THU  30     No HF contact

JUL   FRI   31     No HF contact. Their website reports squally conditions

AUG   SAT   1     No HF contact Their website reports stormy conditions and Snorri waiting for departure

AUG  SUN  2      No effort made to contact Herb as to their status and plans.

AUG  MON 3      pos 66N:53W, at exit of Fjord, light westerlies, Herb advises of possibly heavier weather again by weekend

AUG  TUE  4      Herb is frustrated with the lack of consistent communication and lack of feedback and requests that Snorri seek advice from a commercial


AUG  WED 5      No contact. Their website pos 66:55N, 54:40W report light NW winds

AUG  THU  6      No contact. Their website pos 65:49N, 57:10W very squally conditions and large waves

AUG  FRI   7      No contact, Their website pos 64:15N, 60:36W Snorri reports a very rough night

AUG  SAT   8      No contact, No website data

AUG  SUN  9      No contact, Their website reports pos 63:22N, 61:59W and a calm day

AUG  MON 10     No contact. No website data

AUG TUE  11     No contact. Snorri arrived at Baffin Island, End of Davis Straights passage.


Herb was unaware that Mr. Holding authored a book on the Viking Voyage, wherein he unjustly criticized Herb. Then again “NO THANK YOU” either for initiating and coordinating their rescue or even mentioning their unsuccessful attempt and rescue in 1997 in the middle of the Davis Straights.