For over 20 years Herb has been a Guardian Angel to crews of

thousands of Ocean going yachts and commercial vessels, guiding up to 75

vessels per day, 7 days a weeks, as they transit the Atlantic Ocean and kept

many sailors away from dangerous storms and severe weather systems, thereby

avoiding loss of life, property damage and mental anguish to many sailors.


He is known all over the world amongst seafarers and is a reliable source of

information and assistance in rescue situations coordinated by the

United States, Canadian and United Kingdom Coast Guard/Rescue Coordination




                          HIGHLIGHTS OF ACHIEVEMENTS



Prevents between 100 to 150 incidences per year where vessels would otherwise

have been in distress with potential loss of life due to severe weather

conditions and/or would have requested assistance from or rescue by U.S., CDN

and UK Rescue Co-ordination Centers (RCC).


On request of U.S. and Canadian Coast Guard responds to up to 25 cases per

year to determine status of a vessel and crew upon activation of an EPIRP

(Emergency position indicator radio beacon) and to provide feed back or

communication support to RCC bringing such cases to a satisfactory



Responds to 60 to 100 requests per year from Coast Guard centers, local authorities,

concerned families members and from Canada Foreign Affairs to locate overdue or

unreported vessels/crew, prior to commencing Search and Rescue operations.





Excerpts from U.S. Coast Guard, RCC NORFOLK correspondence


Captain U.S.Coast Guard,                                                                                                        

Fifth Coast Guard District

Portsmouth, Virginia

December 09, 2009,


--Your assistance in resolving the matter is greatly appreciated and

exemplifies the spirit of the mariner, to help others in distress.

Once again you have performed a tremendous service to the mariners plying

the ocean and to my Command Center watch team. Whenever they have a S/V

situation in the deep ocean one of the first things they always will tell

me is either "Herb is talking to the vessel, or Herb is attempting to make

contact". In either situation, it means a great deal to either continue to

launch resources, or if communications are made to potentially save the

resource launch.

On behalf of the United States Coast Guard and the United States Government,

you are commended for your outstanding and unwavering commitment to safety

of life at sea.


--Thanks for All you do in helping to keep mariners Safe and Alive. Despite

all of our capabilities, we still rely on "Herb" as a part of our systems

and capabilities.


--I cannot recall how many lives the Coast Guard saved this year, I am sure

your assistance has ensured that and others that we may not have been

involved with. I can tell you how many we have not saved though. Those are

the unfortunates and the hardest. My motto is Search and Rescue is a team

sport, we have to rely on each other to save a life. You sir, are an

integral part of this team and I greatly appreciate your dedication and



May 20, 2008

--Thanks from RCC Norfolk

I wanted to pass along to you our many thanks for being such an awesome

resource for us. I have been reviewing some of the cases from the last

couple of weeks and noted that my watch has contacted you on several

occasions and as always is your fashion, provided some excellent comms

support for us. I hope my guys have been amicable enough with you during

the interactions, b/c I think that some of them think you are on salary and

this is your job, not a hobby (even though it relates to more like a

career for you!).

Herb, as I have said before, you have been outstanding!  Thank you for

helping us out, and I want you to know that I personally appreciate

everything you do for us.

With the most respect, and fond wishes for you and yours.





                     RECOGNITIONS AND AWARDS

1993 SSCA Seven Seas Service Award

1994 Community Service Award for Service to Sailors, Government of Bermuda

1997 Cruising Club of America Plaque for Service to Newport Bermuda Yacht Races,

1998 Ireland Ocean Cruising Club Award of Merit Medal,

1999 SSCA South Bound II Blue Water Sailing Service Award

2000 Canadian Coast Guard RCC Halifax, Plaque, Contribution to Search&Rescue

2002 Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal

2004 The Royal Cruising Club "Medal for Service to Cruisers", United Kingdom

2012 SSCA Seven Seas Award

2013 U.S. Coast Guard 5th District RCC Norfolk Oar-plaque for faithful and dedicated Service



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                                                                        Command Center and Nuclear  Aircraft Carrier George Washington


                                                                        2010 RCYC Safety at Sea Seminar


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The Bermuda Royal Gazette  Canadian Yachting      The Hamilton Spectator

Ocean Navigator             The Bermudian                   The Burlington Post

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