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                                Who we are.

The company is directed by Henri Cousineau, Chartered Real Estate Broker.
With more than thirty one years experience in commercial real estate, we have an authentic team of specialists that will assist you.
Together we will find the offices that best suit you and make your move the smoothest possible. 


Why more and more companies  like your's decide to retain our services.


 Because  our services are free for you the tennant.

It's the owners that pay our fees as commonly accepted in the Real Estate Industry.


Because  you save time and money.  
Henri Cousineau and his team takes care of the canvassing, the initial visits and you get on a silver platter a comprehensive list of sites for you to choose from.
 Because  we negotiate for you.
So you benifit from twenty years experience in commercial leasing and aquisitions..

Because  we are there for you.
If we don't answer your call within 24 hours, the lunch is on us. We will answer your questions promptly.
  Our pledge to you.
 Because  we represent YOU the tennant. We are the tennant's broker..
Often, during transactions, the tennant feels that  the lanlord  is in control of the situation.

Because you are our client, we negotiate for you.

Because we like  you like what we are doing.
You want to make sure that you obtain all of what you asked for. Then our mission finishes well after you have moved. Our team will meet you once you have moved in your new premisses in order to make sure of your comfort and that your requests have been filled.



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Our services

 What you get!

Home Page