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Office leasing transactions

Cousineau negociates head office space of  

Publicité Desert Inc.

Office leasing transactions

Cousineau negociates head office leasing for north america 

 Fly America Inc.


Chartered Real Estate Broker

Office and Warehouse leasing

Your partners in real estate since 1980.

Your lease is expiring soon and you want the best conditions.



You want to avoid all these long  
and tiresome steps of searching for buildings,  
disappointing visits, interminable negotiations...
to try to compare gross leases with net-net or triple-net leases...  


You want to save time!.

What if you could find, all in one place, a company that does all of this for you.

Stop... And relax now, you just did !      

We will do all the work for you and much more.

Real Estate Brokerage Services

1.       We select the best sites among the bank of more than 80 million square feet available in the Greater Montreal area and Asia.

2.       We negotiate for you with the owner and obtain the conditions you want..

3-    We negotiate with your current owner

4-     Furthermore , we make sure that you are totaly  and completely satisfied with your new offices..


Here is part of all of what we can do for you …


Space for lease Montreal

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 Why us ?

Our services

What you get !

Office and Industrial space for rent