Show Scene --
July 29 & 30th -- Muskoka Kennel Club ... Hayley wins 2 more Puppy Groups!! What a girl!
June 25th -- Argus Kennel Club....And the 'Thunder' ruled!! We took Rem, Ed and Skid to compete in the 6 shows in Thunder Bay. To our delight, Rem took 2, Group 1st; Skid took a Best Puppy in Group, and Ed took 3, Group 1sts and a Best In Show!!! What a thrill of a lifetime!!! We fairly fly home! The long drive was certainly worth the rewards!! That is Ed's second BIS.... still is hard to compare to my Special Ed!!
May 24th -- And yet another new Champion!!! We took the weekend to go to the Soo; Hayley came home with 6 Best Puppy in Breed, 3 Best Puppy in Group, 1 Group 3rd!! and 11 points to add to her previous 2....She is now Ch. ThundeRun That's The Spirit. Lots of compliments and positive comments on this spunky younster!
May 16th -- Speck and Tate both earn their Herding Instinct Certificates. As does Rowen, a Jazz son; Huge congrats Dani on a job well done! Comment from The instructor was that he was one of the nicest working Aussies she had seen. Nicely done everyone!!
March 14th -- The Purina National -- ROWAN, earned his third leg for his Rally -O title of Rally Novice! Big Congrats and thanks to Dani and Ryan for taking Rowan in January and accomplishing this as first time competitors! What a thrill.
March 7th -- Scarborough Dog Show -- ThundeRun's That's the Spirit,  took WB, BOS for her first 2 points.
March 5th -- Scarborough Dog Show -- Ch. ThundeRun Rembrandt, Group 2nd!!
February -- Ontario Breeders Association -- ThundeRun Statesman, takes BW for 2 pts. on Friday.
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December 10 -- Credit Valley KC .. ThundeRuns Raven Rock Star, aka Raven, co-owned with Tracey Brecken, takes her first 2 points with Winners Bitch!!  Way to go girls!!
November 20 -- Ottawa Show of Shows...Our very special 'Ed' takes Herding Group 1st!!!!  Talk about a rush!! 
Ed finishes the year as #5 Aussie in Canada!!!  Not bad for a boy who stayed home the last 2 1/2 years!!
October 10 -- Wine Country ..  Blue completes his Canadian Championship with a Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed.     What a star!
September 24th -- Burling KC....Ed does it again!!   Grp. 1st!
August 26-29 -- Markham Kennel Club ...  ThundeRun's Mr. Blue, in his first 3 shows garners 8 points!!!  Taking 2 Puppy Groups and a Best Puppy In Show!!!!!  Wahoo!
     ************************Below are 2010 accomplishments**********************
Aug. 26-29  Markham Kennel Club ... ThundeRun's Mr. Blue, in his first three shows, garners 8 points!!!  Taking 2 Puppy Groups and a Best Puppy In Show!!  Wahoo....Thank you to the judges who liked my puppy!!
Sept. -  Lyra Q'd her Starter Standard furn for her ADC title
- 1st Q for Advance Gamble Run with 66 points
- 1st Q for Advance Jumpers with a time of 24.98 seconds
April 23rd, Q'd for her 2nd Starter Standard & 1st Starter Snooker runs.
Mar. 19, Q'd for her 2nd starter jumper.
Jan. 22, 2011  ThundeRun's Lyre for Orpheus ..."Lovely Lyra Q'd both Starter Standard placing 3rd, and 1st in Starter Jumpers!  Her jumpers time was very fast at 29.47 seconds, whre the max. course time allowed was 42 secs.  A great day for her birthday. :-)  I had many good comments on how well she was running!"
Way to go Marg and Lyra!! 
November -  Stacey is awarded her titles:
ThundeRun Stayin In Style ADC SGDC     and
Q'd in  Advance Jumpers 
Thunderun Stayin' In Style....Stacey...Q'd in both her runs today!!  Jumpers she was 2nd, Gamblers, 5th.  Gamblers she has only done once before!
Great successes Gina and Stacey!
May 23, Hayley takes 2 group. 2nds.
May 22, Hayley takes a Grp. 1 and a Grp. 2nd. ; Skid gets 2 more pts today.
May 21, ThundeRun Stroke of Midnight, Skid, gets 1 pt. today.
Ch. ThundeRun That's The Spirit, Hayley -- 2 Group 1sts and
May 5, Forest City Kennel Club - "Blue" takes Group 3rd and Group 2nd.
April 30, Victoria County Kennel Club -  Ch. ThundeRun's Mr. Blue takes Group 3rd and Group 4th.  Nice beginning to this year's showing.
Due to a busier than usual schedule with litters, showing and judigng, I have been very laze about keeping this page up to date.  So here is a summary to bring you the scoop in Digest form.
Ch.ThunderRun That's The Spirit, Hayley, continued her winning ways and took 4 Grp 1st, 4 Grp 2nd, 1 each Grp 3 and 4, which landed her at #5 Aussie in Canada for 2011!!!!!  How cool! 
We also took in our first ASCA shows  She took the tough Bred by Exhibitor class all 3 shows and WB once for 5 pt. major--guess we'll be finding a few more ASCA shows in 2012!!
New Ch. ThundeRun Rock On handily completed his Championship with 2 BPIG and a Grp.2
                Rock                                            Keesha
ThundeRun Spirit Within also finished her Championship in 5 shows garnering a BPIG!
Both these homebred youngsters are out of our
Ch. Gefion's ThundeRun Ka-Boom.  He's done a great job! 
        ********************Below are 2011 Accomplishments*********************** 
     ******************************Below are 2012 Accomplishments*************************
Slow start to showing this year.  Haley continues her winning ways and has 2 group wins, 1 group 2nd and 2 grp 3rds, plus 3 more ASCA points;she is sitting on 8 towards her ASCA Ch.
ThundeRun's Staying in Style, Stacey, earned her AADC in July..
Two new Champions: Ch. ThundeRun Aurora Spirit and  Ch. ThundeRun's Raven Rock Star.  Congrats to co-owners Terri with Aurora; and Tracey with Raven.  Nicely done ladies!
Word just out that ThundeRun Justa Minute, has picked up her first pts, plus a BOB first weekend out August 18th! 
Sun. Aug. 26,  Lyra Q'd her 2nd Starter Snooker
and earned her Starter Games Dog of Canada
Way to go Marg and Lyra!!
You ladies are smokin'...
Congrats on all your hard work in
accomplishing these titles                                     
August 29,  Stacey earms AGDC!   Great work Gina and Stacey.  I'm so proud!