Ontario Miniature Gathering 2013
April 19-21, 2013
Registration Form
Please note this is a two-page form. Please enter your name at the top of both pages.
To print this form choose File and then choose Print from your internet brower's menu above,  then use the back arrow above to return to the previous page.
Workshop Payments should be sent with the workshop application form.  All forms can be sent in the same envelope, but please make payments on separate cheques.
Friday Dinner Choice(please choose one)
____  Roast Chicken     _____  Filet of Salmon   ____  Vegetable Stir Fry
Saturday Dinner Choice (please choose one)
____ Roast Beef            _____  Chicken Kieve     ____  Fettucini Alfredo
Fulford House Tour: Please check the appropriate box. Information is on the Fulford House tour page.
___ I will be touring the house (free). You must be registered to tour the house.
___ I would like to include Afternoon Tea in my Fulford House tour. A $25 payment is included.
Theme Table and Scale Choice:
The list of choices for tables and the instructions are listed on the Theme Tables page.  Please choose only from that list
___ I prefer not to sit at a theme table (your table will have a non-specific type of shop.)
1st Choice Theme: _______________________________________ Scale: _______________
2nd Choice Theme: _____________________________________   Scale: _______________
3rd Choice Theme: ______________________________________  Scale _______________
Foreign Registrants:  Please submit payment in Canadian Funds.   If you have to pay in another currency, please contact the registrar, Susan Daly - susan.daly@sympatico.ca, (416) 698-2772 to determine the corresponding amount in your currency.  A service charge may apply.
Cancellation Policy:
A refund of your registration fee (minus a $25 administration charge) will be given provided notice in writing is received prior to February 28th, 2013.  Based on the hotel policy, refunds after March 1st would depend on whether or not we have someone from the waiting list to take your place.  If you must cancel, please advise Susan Daly - Registrar by email to susan.daly@sympatico.ca or by telephone (416) 698-2772  followed by confirmation in writing.  If a refund is in order, we will reimburse you by cheque.  To avoid incurring any bank charges to the committee and yourself, please do not put a stop payment on your cheque.
                                                 (This is the name that will be on your name tag.)
Address:_____________________________________________________   City:_______________________
Prov: ____________________  Postal Code:______________________
Telephone: _____________________________________________
Email: (please print clearly)__________________________________________________________
___ I do not want my email address to appear on the list of attendees
___ This is my first Ontario Gathering.
Health Concerns and Allergies:
Mobility: ______________________  Dietary ___________________   Other:_____________________________
Room Allocation:
My roommate is:___________________________________________________________________________
Please make sure that you are listed on their registration form.
__I do not have a roommate, please assign me one.
__I would like a single room. An additional $130 is included in my payment (there are a limited number of single rooms.)
__I need a ground floor room (some rooms are a short distance from the main building.  If you have mobility concerns, please let us know.)
All rooms and workshops are designated smoke free.
The Glen House Resort is offering a special room rate of $85/night if you wish to extend your stay before or after the Gathering.  Please contact the hotel for reservations.
Method of Payment:  Send all cheques together, dated as indicated below:
__ 1 Cheque - $380 with registration, dated October 24, 2012.
__  2 Cheques - $190 each, one dated October 24, 2012, + one post-dated January 15, 2013
__ 5 Cheques - $76 each, one dated October 24, 2012, and four post dated November 15, 2012, December 15, 2012,
                              January 15, 2013, February 15, 2013.
Payment accepted in Canadian funds, by cheque or money order.
Please be sure to indicate on the cheque the name of the registrant
Make cheques payable to Ontario Miniatures Gathering and mail to:
Ontario Miniatures Gathering 2013
c/o Lynne Patterson
15 Bradgate Dr
Nepean, ON K2G 0R7
                        Admin Use Only         
Date Recv'd
Amt. Paid
Registration No: