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Brycen Aimery Fomenko
Aug. 26 2009
9 lbs 6 oz

As of Sept. 1st 2009
    Today's weather was clear and sunny . It is about time I introduce everyone to our new Grandson born Aug. 26 2009 , As the photo above shows a very jubilant big sister and Mommy happy to welcome Him to the family . Erica and Joe extend their thankyou's to all the well wishers out there .
    We moved Mitch back to Oshawa last Sunday to prepare for year 2 at U.O.I.T. Jen is set to go back to Northbay to start her 5th and final year at Nippising next week .
    Linda and I have been busy working and spending a lot of cherished time with Farrah over the past 3 weeks , she is home with Mom and baby brother since Sat and we sure do miss her !

As of  June 7th 2009
    Today's weather overcast with rain and 10° . I was up to Big Hawk yesterday and the weather was sunny with a stiff s.w. wind .
    Not much new around here , I am enjoying the new challenges of my job at the Brechin Quarry . (above photo 5:30 am start ) .Jen and Mitch are both home for the summer , working locally and will be heading back to university in Sept. . Erica and joe are doing well still working and living in Orillia , with little Farrah enjoying life @ 2 1/2  Erica is expecting a new arrival in August .

As of March 22nd 2009
    Today's weather is Sunny and -2° with a strong wind .Yesterday was the last Saturday of March break which means FISH FRY at Dan and Chrisy's . Once again it was overcast and cool with a relentless wind that refused to leigh down, We were all trying to remember the last warm fish fry and we are pretty sure it was in 2003 , However in Hawk Lake tradition we bundled up, cuddled up added a little extra anti-freeze and a great time was had by all ,
Thank You to Dan and Chris for a great time .
    There was plenty of ice on the Lake but snow was very limited with some good riding up toward Wolf Lake. and along the Park Boundary.

As of February19th 2009
    Today's was -12° with windy and blowing snow, about 10 cm, just enough to clean things up .
    Today's photo is not mine but was forwarded from a patron that follows my web site, This pressure ridge is over 2 km long! With the fresh snow today it would be very difficult to detect until it was too late , please sled with caution as you can see the warm weather has changed conditions on the lakes as well the creek crossings on the trails are also washed out .
(Thanks to Charles Gerditschke for the photo's)
    Good news , I was called back to work last Thursday ! I will be working at our Brechin Quarry full time .
If anyone has any news or public interest you are always welcome to send them to me at

As of February 1st 2009
    Today's weather is a nice change at -4° and overcast. we woke up yesterday  to -28° , windy and blowing snow .
    Today's photo is not mine but it could be , I love winter but enough is enough   I have started shovelling cottages for the second time this year.
    I am told the snowmobileing is the best it has been in years, with very little traffic and perfect trails . I have yet to trail ride or ice fish this year ! even more surprising if you knew I have been laid off since Dec 19th . Oh well I'm getting my honeydo list whittled down for when I do have some gas or bait money in my pocket!
    I spent Yesterday baby sitting Little Farrah , while Mom and Grandma went to a baby shower for cousin Lisa . Everyone is doing well with Jen and Mitch both getting ready for midterm exams and I know Erica is busy chasing Farrah if yesterday was any indication .
As of  December 16th 2008
    Today's weather was nice at -6° and overcast.
Just in case you have not heard we have had snow falls in Biblical proportions since Nov. 16th . Today's photo is obviously from the archives as there was at least 10 inches more snow on the roof when I shovelled it on Saturday . Yes Dec 13th!
    Big Hawk and Little Hawk were both frozen over but with the snow fall we have very little ice . Surprisingly Boshkong was still open ? We did get some rain and warm temperatures Sunday night that has melted about 30 % of the snow .
    Jen and Mitch are both home from University and Erica Joe and Farrah are coming for Christmas dinner . Farrah's big 2nd Birthday party is on Sat at home in Orillia .
    Linda and I would like to extend avery Merry Christmas to all our friends and Family over this Christmas Season

As of October 11th 2008
     Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends . The weather has been absolutely stunning and we hope you are all able to get out and enjoy it .
    Wow it has sure been a while since my last update !  Had some technical difficulties and also a very busy schedule . We have all the kids home for the weekend after surviving our first month as empty nesters,
    Jen is in her 4th year at Nippising U in North Bay in a 5 (min) to 7 year teacher's degree.
    Mitch is in his 1st year at UOIT in Oshawa in a 5 year  automotive engineering degree.
    Erica and Joe are still working and living in Orillia keeping busy with Miss Farrah (a very busy 22  month old )
    Linda is still working for Community Care working for 3 different clients allowing them to live at home in their 80's and 90's.
    I am still working for Miller Aggregates presently here in Haliburton and expect a transfer back to Brechin for the winter starting down there within a month.
    Not much new around Haliburton County , I wish Monica and Woody continued success following their first year at Big Hawk Marina.

As of Jan 27th @ 10 am
    Today's weather brings more snow and -6°. Today's photo is

As of Jan 27th @ 10 am
    Today's weather brings more snow and -6°. Today's photo is from the archives but is a very good resemblance of what I saw yesterday on my trip to Big Hawk .
    We have plenty of snow and things are rapidly  returning to winter conditions , the trails are being groomed and with the forecast of a few milder days this coming week it should soften up the powder snow to allow things to tighten up . The Lake was very slushy with poor ice at shore but plenty of people traveling around , However the lake is not yet staked for travel.
    If you pan down to Jan 27 2007 you will see that one year ago the lakes were not yet safe !??
    We are all doing well , drove to Fort Lauderdale at Christmas and went on a cruise , Bahamas , Grand Cayman , Jamaica . Had a great time Jen helped boost sales in Hilton Head , Mitch and I fantasized at Daytona speedway , we all had a blast at Kennedy Space centre , dropped a few coins at the casino in Atlantis , Swam with and held the Stingrays in Grand Cayman , and spent New Years Eve at sea .
    Little Farrah is 13 months old and is toddling around and keeps Mom and Dad busy .
As of Sept. 30th @ 8 pm
    Today's weather was mostly sunny and 24°. Today's photo is from the archives but is a very good resemblance of what I saw yesterday on my trip to Big Hawk . The leaves are less than 50 % turned so they should be perfect for the Thanksgiving weekend.
    The water levels on the Hawks are very low, more like November levels! I managed to see a few friends between chores and the weather was perfect.
    We are all doing well Jen at University and Mitch in grade 12 . Linda and I took Erica and Farrah to the Coldwater fall fair , Farrah got a pony ride and had a great time in the petting zoo with the goats and sheep .

As of Aug. 6th @ 10 pm
    Today's weather was mostly sunny and 26°. Today's photo is of the elcamino. If you look close the  floor has been completely removed from th firewall to the rear axle , also the doors, front end , motor and driveline have also been removed for refinishing , The floor has since been replaced and I hope to finish the rear floor soon .
    The only news I have from Big Hawk is that the water is still droping , Minden has not had any rain over the past week ,

As of Aug. 6th @ 10 pm
    Today's weather is a mix of sun and clouds and a humid 28°. Today's photo was taken last week on lake Couchaching , at Farrah's favourite beach just 5 minutes from her home . Erica has been taking her every day and she just loves the water , Linda and I have been getting over every weekend for a visit.
    Linda and I were up to the Hawks this long weekend and the weather sure co-operated , bringing back lots of great memories  beautiful sunsets and moonlit starry nights , Congratulations to Jim and Natalie on their 25th wedding anniversary !
    I started working on the reassembley of the elcamino 3 weekends ago and have managed to log close to 40 hours towards the project , I have spent the past 2 years collecting parts and ideas and have most of the items I needed to start assembling , My hope is the body and drive line will be finished by the time I put it away this fall. then next spring it will be the interior and bumpers (which will hopefully fit in next springs budget ), and 2 or 3 days of work . I have some pictures of the project I will share over the next couple of weeks .

As of May 20th @ 10 am
    Today's weather is overcast and 13°. Today's photo obviously was taken in the winter but as well there is water in the river , many people arriving at the cottage were surprised to see the river was dry, The water levels are the lowest that we remember for this time of year , however it is very normal for the river to be dry in the spring as all the logs are in trying to raise the levels of the lakes .
    We are having a great weekend with Erica and Joe and Farrah . I have included Farrah's first web broadcast I think it says something about how cool Grandpa is because he lets me play on the computer , possibly it mentions her new tooth coming in because there is a lot of drool on my key board .

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    have a great weekend

As of May 9th @ 7pm
    Today's weather was overcast and a warm 23°. Today's photo was taken May 11th last year . Things are almost the same only not quite as green.
    To clear up the rumour mill , yes there was a fire on the west shore of Big Hawk on Sunday afternoon , Coffey's cottage and boat house were completely destroyed as well McGhee lost 3 out buildings . about 4 acres of forest floor was also scorched . According to the Minden times the cause is still unknown but started behind the Coffey cottage . Many neighbours came to the rescue along with the fire department and some how stopped the fire before it consumed the west shore . Things are very dry and there is a complete fire ban in effect that includes cooking and warmth fires .
    All this warm weather has brought out a bumper crop of black flies so when you come through the Highlands remember we are a friendly bunch but we are more likely to be swatting flies than to be waving .
    Congratulations to Melissa and Frank on the arrival of William Olan Durroch ( my great nephew) on Sat. May 5th
As of April 29th @ 7pm
    Today's weather was beautiful and mostly sunny @ 15°. I was on the lake yesterday installing docks , all looks well , The water is still 30 inches below the spring time level but we have to remind ourselves it is still April ! I expect the lake to be full by June 1st. ( yes, I installed the docks accordingly)
    I am told the cottage road is open and is in fairly good shape.
    Andrew and Andrea were very busy getting boats in at Big Hawk but still had time for a big smile and a quick hello , certainly a welcome reception , take a minute if you can and show them your appreciation , I suspect it will go a long way to help bring  the marina back to "The Landing " the hub of Big Hawk.
Have a great day !
As of April 24th @ 7pm
    Today's weather was beautiful and mostly sunny @ 12°. we started out the morning with frost on the windshield but the sun is starting to peek over the horizon shortly after 6 am.
    The ice started moving around Big Hawk Sunday afternoon and was all but gone by Monday night .
    All is well here , Linda picked up Jen from university yesterday and will be home until September , She once again was able to get her "Concurrent Ed" posting at the public school here in Minden so will be teaching next week to finish her school year , And of course Farah s 4 months today , Mitch and I got down to see her Sunday and all is well .
As of April 19th @ 7pm
    Today's weather was beautiful and sunny @ 16°. The last of our snow banks disappeared on Tuesday . This warm dry windy weather is what we need to bring on spring , At 7 pm I spoke to my friend Bob (who is staying on Big Hawk until the ice goes out! 19 days and waiting) he indicated that the ice is only 4 inches thick and has turned very black. The odds of it being out by the weekend are poor but with warm weather in the forecast it may be out by the end of the weekend .
    As of last Saturday the cottage road was still impassable !
Today's photo is a reminder from days gone by ( April 30th 2002) when I had already started to put boats in , in hopes of an early spring but mother nature showed us who was boss.

Happy Easter

As of April 19th @ 7pm
    Today's weather was beutiful and sunny@ 16°.
Today's photo represents
As of April 8th @ 4pm
    Today's weather is slightly overcast with a dusting of snow and a warm - 2°.
Today's photo represents how we are spending Easter . Lots of smiles and enjoying time with family.
    I was at Big Hawk last weekend and the cottage road has been closed for the spring thaw. The lake still had plenty of ice 12 " for late season sledding as you can see from my next photo. Conditions have not changed much in the past week with all the cool weather , but anticipate ice out in 2 weeks . My guess April 22nd @ 8 am.

 HCSA Trail conditions
As of Mar 3rd @ 8 am
    Today's weather is slightly overcast with light snow and a warm - 2°.
Today's photo was taken after the storm  Friday .
    As you can see we received mostly snow (8 ") . Our power stayed on . but at 4 am we had ice pellets and by 4:30 it was freezing rain . I decided not to drive to Brechin . By the afternoon we had sunshine as shown in today's photo .
As of Feb. 21st @ 7 pm
    Today's was clear and a warm - 1°.
Today's photo was taken last weekend at the Hawk Lakes , As the photo shows I have started my annual Roof shovelling with drifted snow in the traditional spots , Most roofs on the south side of the Lake had 20 to 24 inches of snow with drifting to 30 inches . The roofs on the north and west sides had less than 16 inches , I only shovelled the roofs with 22" or more .
    The forecast is good for this weekend if you plan to be outdoors enjoying the winter weather .
As of Feb. 12th @ 7 pm
    Today's weather is clear and - 15°. We have received aprox. a foot of snow over the last week
I did not go to the Hawk Lakes again this past weekend. I did go to Temmagami to help move my Uncle Redge and Aunt Doreen in to the cottage on one of the islands , where they will be spending the next 5 weeks fishing and just enjoying water access cottage life (winter style -28°) ! oh did I mention he will be 80 in August .
    Today's photo is of Allison (7) who lives on an island in Temagami with her sister Victoria and her parents that run "KET-CHUN-ENY-LODGE " obviously Mom and Dad know that  girls also love to ride ! That pink ATV sure has me thinking , however Linda assures me that Farrah would not be needing one soon ! (both the sled and the atv are junior size)
As of Feb. 4th @ 2 pm
    Today's weather is a snowy - 14°.
I did not go to the Hawk Lakes this weekend , It seems I have a bigger love in my life than to go stand on a frozen sheet of ice hoping to catch a fish . YES! as pictured above, possibly for the first time ever, a girl has trumped fishing ! I am really loving this grandparent thing . And thankfully I have been able to get down to Orillia every weekend for a visit. Erica , and Farrah are both doing very well , Joe has found some good steady employment . All great news for a new family.

Farrah at 1 month
gained 1 lb 5 oz  grown 6 cm
 As of Feb. 1st @ 9 pm
    Today's weather was much warmer at - 5°, we have had some very cold nights since last weekend and it has made a lot of ice in places that the slush was exposed.  I am told many lakes have slushy areas , but travelled areas are freezing up nicely . It is always best to check your route beforeconsidering lake travel .
    We talked to Jen in North Bay and they received close to a foot of snow today , As well Huntsville area received 10 inches yesterday.

As of Jan 28th @ 9 pm
    Today's weather was clear and a tonight is -16, overnight lows of -25° are forecasted for tonight.
    Yes ! I was at Big Hawk yesterday and NO the ice was not safe. Above is a photo of some of the thickest ice I encountered , just under 3 inches. This years conditions are the most unpredictable I have ever encountered. I walked out about 400 yards checking the ice every 50 feet it was consistent at 4 to 5 inches . I assumed this would stay consistent . I went about 1/2 way to Sherbourne before I checked again , I punched the ice with my chisel and it continued right through the ice and out of my hand to the bottom of what I know is 85 feet of water , Ya! less than 1 1/2 " of ice . I am a veteran at this. And I was fooled  leaving me very thankful I am still here to say what a fool I was ! I am also thankful my friend from Little Hawk (also a veteran that was fooled) is also still with us although short one snowmobile and sleigh full of weekend goodies .
    Sherbourne lake has 8 to 10 inches of ice and with all the slush torn up on Big Hawk this weekend I expect conditions to change rapidly .
As of Jan 24th @ 6 pm
    Today's weather was clear and a cool -13°, overnight lows of -26° are forcasted for tonight.
    I was not out to check any ice last weekend , I spoke with a friend that is a local game warden  he echoed the same results most people found , There was not enough ice anywhere to even get out a far enough to fish , So I stayed home , I guess this grandparent thing has made me a little wiser.
    I do plan to head up to the Algonquin Highlands on Saturday to test things , and I will be sure to have a full update at that time. Until then you are on your own and remember tracks on the ice doesn't mean it is safe!
                   IF YOU DON'T KNOW DON'T GO !    (please)
    As of Jan19th at 6:30 pm all HCSA trails remained closed ! You can check the link below for updates .

As of Jan 14th @ 6 pm
    Today's weather is overcast and -3°. We have had some cool nights and the ground is just covered with snow , making a good base to start winter off once again . Still no sledding or ice fishing available but hopefully soon.
    Today's photo is just a teaser of last winters extreme snow that brought down roofs! Just to remind us this is not all global warming , just a blip in the weather pattern.
As of Jan 7th @ 10 am
    Today's weather is overcast and 1°. We have had plenty of rain and mild weather over the past week. However I was surprised to find Big Hawk frozen over yesterday. Although all other Lakes I passed by were still open with people fishing from boats .
As of Dec.30th @ 10:00 am
    Today's weather is partly sunny with light snow . We received aprox 1 inch of snow overnight . We have had some cold nights and lake temperatures are falling. The best to hope for now will be no snow to let the ground and Lakes freeze . Just remember it was Jan 12th before the lake was safe last year .

Farrah Julliet Fomanko Dec 24 2006
7 lbs. 8 oz.

As of Dec.24th 2006 @ 11:00 pm
    Today's weather was beautiful , but not as beautiful as the latest woman in my life . Linda and I are very proud to announce the arrival of our Granddaughter (Farrah Fomenko) she was born Dec. 24th at 6pm by caesarian section weighing in at a healthy 7 lbs 8 oz. at Soldiers memorial hospital in Orillia.
    Erica is doing well .
    Have a very Merry Christmas .
From Jim Linda Mitch and Jen
Erica Joe and family


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James Sydney Hicks
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Short stories of all the things that happened in 6 1/2 years at Big Hawk
From Citiots to Parrots

     One of the chapters will be Standard one line answers
ie.   Q- When the canoers asked Are there any bears around Big Hawk ?
       A -No and they dont crap in the woods either
          - No they all died from the West Nile Virus!
          - Yes but they are well fed as there is plenty of childrens camps that also paddle here
          - or the dumb look and what is a bear ?

Sydney Hicks

Born Feb. 5th 1995 Sydney Nova Scotia

Syd  is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
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In 1996 Syd was kicked out of the Regina Kennel clubs obedience training class and was told not to come back , we tried to get a refund for his dues but were told to get out and stay out that beast is untrainable  .

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