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Spiritual Counsellour


  • Vibrational Sound Healing

  • Crystal Therapy Healing

  • Reiki / Crystal Healing

  • Axiatonal Alignment

  • Life Path Readings

  • Picture Readings

  • Counselling




Reiki or Crystal healing and mini reading for $50

Duration 70 minutes. 


Axiatonal or sound healing and mini reading for $60

Duration 80 minutes. 




Psychic reading $40  for an hour includes a CD Full reading with Past Life. 


Mini Reading for 20 minutes  $25



Axiatonal Alignment  $40   30 minutes


Tuning fork sound healing  $40  for one hour


Reiki   $30  for 45 minutes. 




Buy four sessions of Reiki for $110 save $10

Buy four sessions of Sound Healing for $145 save $15



Crystal grids healing and meditation to higher consciousness.  $30  for  30 minutes.  It takes about 15 minutes extra to set up the grid.  Total 45 minutes.



Counselling : Certified Counsellour. 


Healing traumas, emotional blockages, stress related issues.  Also Counselling for spiritual enlightment and psychic development.   


Prices:  $65 for 90 minutes



Buy 4 sessions for $245  save $15. 


Telepathic, Clairvoyant, Energy Reader


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Jocelyne Madej

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Everything in the Universe is just a vibration.  Every atom, every electron, every elementary "particle" even our thoughts and consciousness are just vibrations.  We may define the Aura as a vibration surrounding every material object and living beings.






  Love is the key that opens all doors






Welcome to my Website

Thank you for visiting my Website. 

Alternative Healing is a spiritual holistic business that focus on alternative healing methodologies. 


In my younger years I was planning to be an Accountant.  One day I was walking in the shopping mall and a Medium stopped me and said, "you are here to heal others.  You are a healer, you are Reiki."  She asked me if I knew what was Reiki.  I said no.  She told me to look it up.  It was two years later that I tried Reiki. I was amazed by the energy that came out of my hands and that day I knew what the Medium was trying to tell me.

     On my journey I also landed in the hospital as a volunteer seeing patients.  I had a way of reading their energies just by holding the their hands.  I was able to give them comfort especially when they were going through a difficult and challenging time.  There is one experience with a patient I will always remember. While walking into his room I felt a deep and loving energy going through me especially in my hands.  I looked at him and I knew he was experiencing a difficult situation.  While holding his hand my energy went to his hand, and I said all will be well.  Next week when I was back and he was on  my list, he was waiting for me.  He said, there you are, we both did it.  You and me.  I was in so much pain not even the morphine could take it away. The doctors only gave me three days to live.  Twenty minutes after you left all the pain was gone. The doctors were puzzled and could not understand what just happened.  I spent nine years volunteering in the hospital and it was a amazing time for me as a healer.

     There were a few friends always saying to me, you've got to go public.  You can't just keep this gift private.  You're meant to be out there helping others.  So I took their advice and October 11, 2007 I opened a business named Alternative Healing.  It has been a journey seeing my beautiful business bloom into what it is today. 

     I am now also a sound healer and able to repair physical injuries and transform and balance emotions and spiritual expansion.  Even achieving a certificate in counseling.  My psychic abilities have expanded and now I am able to read energies especially while I am healing someone.  I am so grateful that Medium stopped me that day.  I was intending to go on another path and now I see that I am glad that I had listened, I have given people another option for healing, and to be better able to enjoy their lives.


Loving myself heals my life. I nourish my mind, body and soul as I recognize more and more what a unique, loving, beautiful and wonderful person I am. Courtesy of





There is only you......

Life is a song that starts with you.  Singing the tunes and the melody of you.  There cannot be more of a beautiful expression that exist in the Universe then the song and melody of you.  Do you know every time that you send the song of your love to humanity and all creation you are actually creating beautiful notes that express into beauty.  The song of your love.  That love that is so unique, that radiates throughout the Universe.  Even the trees, the flowers, the animals and the planet earth dances to your tune.  They recognize that note of you and they honor you.  All this brings to remembering who you truly are.  It starts just trusting yourself again and start playing those beautiful notes of you. 

Love and Light,











Alternative Healing is a Registered Licensed Business