with Crystal healing


Reiki is...    


  • A science of energy

  • A Hand-on technique that is easy to learn

  • Safe to use...any place...anytime

  • For all those using energy, including Plants and Animals

  • A very unique for transforming experiences

  • A technique for activating, restoring and Balancing Natural Energies

  • For maintaining wellness, as well as helping in the Transformation and Enlightening process

  • Easily combined with other Therapies

Reiki is not....

  • A Religion, Cult or Belief System

  • A Dogma or specific doctrine

  • A laying on of hands

  • A form of psychic healing

  • A form of wishful thinking

  • Just for when you are ill

  • Restricted to a specific few an interdiction

Getting Connected with Reiki

Reiki allows you to feel deeply relaxed, calm, and peaceful.  The gentle touch of the practitioner's hands serves to transmit the higher-level healing energy to you.  Anyone of any age, religion, or health status can benefit from Reiki.

Understanding how Reiki works

As an energy-healing system, Reiki works to heal you at the level of your energy to the root of any disease, imbalance, or disharmony.  As a healing energy, Reiki is considered to be positive ( no harm can come from Reiki) and intelligent ( the energy heals what is needed even if you don't consciously know what you need). The recipient draws the right amount of energy to just the place where it's needed. Frequently a practitioner will feel her hands "drawn" like a magnet to a certain place.  In this way, the practitioner is the channel of the Universal life-force energy.




Some Benefits of Reiki

  • Heals the cause and eliminates imbalances

  • Does not conflict with religious beliefs

  • It is a viable alternative haling method and can be combined with medical procedures

  • Energized your entire system safely and quickly

  • Minimizes your sense of helplessness when faced with disease

  • Last a lifetime and is simple and safe

  • Promotes your body's own internal healing system

  • Reduces the time you need to heal after surgery

  • Enhances the healing effects

  • ( reduces the side effects) of any medications (conventional or alternative) you are taking

  • Helps you release stuck or buried emotions

  • Gives you a pure sense of love

  • Getting insights or inspiration

  • Going farther in spiritual development

Promotes from within

  • Love

  • Caring

  • Trust

  • Goodwill

  • Compassion

  • Peace

  • Serenity



 The Reiki Principles of Mikao Usui

  • I give thanks for my many blessings

  • Just for today I will not anger

  • Just for today I will not worry

  • I will do my work honestly

  • I will be kind to people and every living thing




Trained under The American Reiki Master Association



One hour Reiki  treatment

with crystals

Price $30.00 for the hour.  


  • Reiki level one

  • Reiki level two

  • Reiki level Three

To be announced

Reiki 1st-degree course:

Cost:   $150.00  Lunch included

This class is your entry to Reiki. You receive one or more attunements to the Reiki energy. Now your channel to Reiki energy is open.  You find out the basics about Reiki so you can help yourself (with self-Reiki) helps family members, and know enough about the history to explain to others what Reiki is and where it came from.

Reiki 2nd-degree course

Cost:  $150.00   Lunch included

You enroll for the second level of Reiki trainning when you want to know more about Reiki and become a practitioner.  This training advances your spiritual growth and trains you to provide Reiki to others in person or at distance. Using Reiki symbols.

Reiki 3rd-degree course:

Master course

Cost:  $350.00  Lunch included

  • Becoming a Reiki Master

  • Mastering yourself

  • Finding out how to teach Reiki

  • Going farther with Reiki

  • You learn to use the Master's level symbols

  • You discover how to perform all levels of attunement and how to teach Reiki classes.




The origin of Reiki can be traced back to ancient Tibet, thousands of year ago.  This technique was re-discovered in the mid 1800's by Dr. Miako Usui of Japan.  He was born in 1865 in Japan.  During his lifetime, he practiced Tendai Buddhism and studied Japanese martial arts.  He is also known to have studied history, medicine, and spiritual practices from other cultures, including Christianity.  What makes Usui's story extraordinary is that his drive to pursue his spiritual truth led him to discover Reiki, which has in turn helped so many people around the world.  Usui himself was a great healer and was reported to have helped many victims of the 1923 earthquake in Japan, which hit the cities of Tokyo and Yokohama.